What Mackenzie Foy can learn from Liz, Lindsay and Quinn

Anyone who saw the episode of “R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour” in which Mackenzie Foy appeared knows this little girl is fearless even before they find out she was confident enough to trust her big movie break to a film with all the attention of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.” “The Return of Lily D” pitted young Foy against the creepiest doll character in recent memory. If Foy has the guts to spend a week with Lily D as her co-star then surely she had no fear of going up against Kristin Stewart. After all, Lilly D. expresses more emotions than Stewart.

Foy held her own against an allegedly inanimate object and you will likely find few viewers of that show airing on the Hub Network who disagree that she was bound to hit the big screen. The course that Foy’s career takes from time spent among sparkly vampires will depend upon more than her talent, of course, as the history of Hollywood’s juvenile actors has proven.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor became one of the most iconic of Hollywood glamour goddesses on the way to picking up two Best Actress Oscars, multiple husbands and a position just south of Mother Theresa in the two decades before her death. The goddess part was no surprise: Liz Taylor was arguably the most beautiful child actress ever.

Only Jodie Foster can compete with Taylor in the realm of Oscar gold against career longevity. Foy should study the off-screen lifestyle of Jodie Foster if she wants to gain perspective and the off-screen choices of Taylor if she wants to make it from kid actor to movie star to Hollywood legend to the face of Hollywood charity.

Lindsay Lohan

I may be among a diminishing few who think that Lindsay Lohan has the talent inside her to put her career back on track. If you can get past the partying, the arrests and the car crashes, you will find a woman who at an early age revealed a great gift for comedy. Heretical it may be, but I think Lohan outdid both Hayley Mills and Jodie Foster in remakes of two classic Disney films, “The Parent Trap” and “Freaky Friday.” In a little bit of what some mistake as irony and others will view as serendipity, Lohan is actually going to portray Elizabeth Taylor. Little Mackenzie Foy should definitely look to Lohan not just as a cautionary tale of what not to do upon coming of legal age, but as an inspiration for future comedic roles.

Quinn Cummings

In 1978 Quinn Cummings was acting with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason, had an Oscar nomination on her resume, joined the cast of the hit ABC series “Family” and was generally regarded as one of the most precocious young actors of the moment. Her acting resume since then is notorious thin while her life resume includes writing books and a blog and inventing the Hip Hugger device for carrying babies. Clearly, Cummings inability to follow in the footsteps of Taylor and Foster had nothing to do with drive, ambition or intelligence. Mackenzie Foy may actually be the considered the most conventially attractive young lady of those listed her since Liz Taylor. Cummings, by contrast, would likely be thought the most unconventially attractive. The point? Cummings may possibly be able to teach Foy a thing or two about the importance of appearances in achieving a long career in the movies.