Why is Tom Hanks Always Peeing?

Unless you have to hold it in and cannot release the flow, urinating is almost always a comedic matter. When it comes to Tom Hanks there must be something in his contract that indicates a reference to urinating—usually referred to within the film in the common vernacular as peeing. Or, perhaps, Mr. Hanks just has one of the more unusual lucky charms. Maybe he is convinced that a reference to seeing a man about a horse will increase the odds of the movie being a hit.

“Forrest Gump” is perhaps the most obvious case of a comedic reference in a Tom Hanks movie to the act of urination. Who can possibly forget Forrest’s iconic meeting with President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in which he announces that he’s “gotta pee”? While the inability of Forrest Gump to withhold the collection of urine within his bladder may be the most famous comedic moment in a Tom Hanks movie related to this particular call of nature, the big screen need to release the torrent actually traces back to a much earlier Tom Hanks comedy.

And it’s not “Splash.”

In fact, what is probably the worst Tom Hanks comedy of all time, “The Money Pit,” has Hanks himself making two references to taking a whiz. The first time is when he comments on the potential prostate trouble experienced by little statue that is just a small part of his home construction problems. It is perhaps only fitting the initiation into the world of Tom Hanks finding comedic gold in the shower of urination actually comes about as a result of his voiding his bladder.

You want more examples of humor in a Tom Hanks flick related to the act of piddling? The most underrated Tom Hanks comedy of all time features Joe streaming from a raft on his way to make a commitment with a certain volcano. Compare those two early experiences in which Tom Hanks’ character cannot hold it in to the funny scene in “The Terminal” that derives its comedy from the exact opposite situation in which his immigrant lost in a legal limbo inside an airport must do everything he can to not unleash the yellow river.

Now you have something fun to do the next time there is a Tom Hanks marathon on TV. I mean, you know, besides enjoying the spectacle of Houston being informed there is a problem and wondering if Pvt. Ryan really was worth saving.