Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Comedy Movie Stock Characters

At a loss for a Halloween costume with mere days to go until the big day? Let comedy films help you out with their long history of stock comic stereotypes. The great thing about letting comedy films guide you in your search for a last-minute Halloween costume is that you don’t need to explain the joke. And, in these cases at least, the costumes are relatively easy and inexpensive to pull off.

The Librarian

As Peggy Hill once observed, the most beautiful people in any town are librarians…well, once they take off their glasses and let down their hair. Everybody has seen his comedy film character so the joke is easy. Find yourself a prim and proper dress, put up your hair, slip on the most unappealing eyeglasses you can find and carry a Jane Austen book under your arm. Midway through the Halloween events, let down your hair and take off your glasses.

The Sleazy Politician

Every two years Halloween and Election Day converge to create the perfect opportunity for this last-minute costume idea. You’ve seen enough comedy movies about sleazy politicians to have a heyday. Part of the brilliance of this costume idea is that more is invented in developing an accent than getting the actual clothing. Perfect your southern accent for the fat governor in suspenders, your New York accent for the 19th century party boss or your Chicago accent for Mayor in the history of Chicago.

Third Person Guy

The simplest of all Halloween costume ideas. It doesn’t matter what you wear because people will instantly recognize you as one of the most annoying and recently introduced of comedy stock characters. Wear what you want, but never forget to dispose of the first person pronoun. When referring to yourself, use your name. “Jack doesn’t like bobbing for apples. Jack thinks that’s for little girls. Jack bobs for French fries!”

Gristle McThornbody

Big. Muscular. Dumb. Comedy is built upon the oversized lump of beef with the brain power of Sarah Palin. Dumb is funny. Smart is funnier, but smart is also harder. Any screenwriter can mine comedy from the power of dumbness. Which provides you with an exceedingly rich source of comedy film material from which to derive further inspiration. As long as you can stuff muscles under your clothes and leave your brain behind, however, your Halloween should go just fine.