How to Conceal, Hide or Camouflage Home Decor Flaws

If you have some bad effects on the interior or exterior of your home, the potential exists for drawing attention away and placing a more positive spin on your property. This can be very handy if you are considering selling

your house. Aesthetically pleasing houses can also benefit those not selling it because it makes you feel better about your home.

Removing a Door

An ugly door can be replaced, but before you start thinking about spending more money, consider how your house would look without that door there at all. The door could actually be a inconvenience as it opens up into a space that you can’t use. Take away the door and you not only remove an eyesore, you give yourself more space in which to add decorative touches.

Dining Room Dimmers

Your dining room may not be the most aesthetically pleasing room in which to dine or feast. Rather than spending a whole lot of money by new dining room furniture or painting the walls or adding new flooring, invest in a chandelier that you can dim. Toss the light only onto the table. This is a good idea both for romantic dinners where dimmers simulate romantic candlelight and for hiding some of your culinary mistakes.

Built-In Shelving

Guess what? You don’t have to buy a house to enjoy built-in shelving. You can make putting in shelving that is built into the

wall a DIY project even if you have only sawed through a piece of Play-Doh. The interior of your

Boring Exterior Walls

If you have an exterior wall that isn’t broken up by a window, consider allowing vines to climb up and create a natural aesthetic that really brings out the beauty of your home. Wisteria and honeysuckle are two good choices, but don’t rule out other climbing vines as a decorative effect.

Front Door

If you bought your house with the front door chosen by a builder or the previous occupant, chances are it has little in the way of flair. Non-stylish doors are much cheaper than those that really stand out. A brand new stylish front door can do wonders for the look of your home. Make the door stand out and you will even be able to draw attention away from other flaws on the exterior.