America's Gun Control Debate is NOT about the 2nd Amendment

An opinion piece on the pressing matter of NRA over-extension of its influence and the necessity of gun control that argues that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the argument between opposing sides? How can that be? Because the fact that NRA members and those who are termed “gun nuts” cling religiously to the ideal of the “Second Amendment” despite the fact that in every other way they view the government-the issuer of their beloved amendment-as pure evil has absolutely nothing to do with the debate.

Anyone who still buys the disingenuous concept that the NRA is blocking every conceivable effort to legislate gun control because they cling patriotically to the purity of the United States Constitution needs to either wake up or rip their heads from out of the dirt. The massive funding of NRA lobbying of spineless Democrats and heartless Republicans has nothing whatever to do with politics. Except in the fact that, as always, politics in America is run by money. Capitalism is what is at work here, people, not ideology and not political theory.

You must ask yourself why Wayne LaPierre and that bubble-headed eye candy bitch they’ve got to try to stimulate some sort of action down there among all those limp penises of gun owning men and the others running the NRA are pouring tens of millions of dollars into lobbying effort to block even the most obviously commonsensical of legislation to protect your children and yourself and your fellow Americans from gun violence. Why would Wayne LaPierre and the NRA want to keep weapons capable of killing an entire school classroom in less half a minute? To protect the rights of those who belong to a well-regulated militia under the directive of the President when called to action from having those guns taken away? Of course not.

The NRA is chock full of dues-paying members who make guns and sell guns. The more money they make, the more crappy NRA merchandise they buy. Take just one gun off the market and the NRA loses not access to Second Amendment rights…but good old-fashioned money.

Those poor NRA members who still have more money to spend on guns than common sense to understand the meaning of a clause like “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a Free State” are being duped into supporting the big money of the gun industry by being distracted from the reality of NRA lobbying and taking up arms to support a misguided and entirely misinterpreted form of selective patriotism. It does defy belief to hear NRA members and gun owners proudly proclaiming the absolutism of government rights when it comes to gun ownership when almost every other word out of their mouths is poisonous venom condemning every other aspect of the very government to which they appear to be so piously committed to upholding.

The gun debate is not about the Second Amendment.

It is about protecting the rights of those who make weapons that kill and those who sell weapons that kill. So, therefore, if you are supporting the NRA, you are merely supporting the protectors of the rich. That is your prerogative; of course…just make sure you aren’t duped in into believing that this debate has anything at all to do with the rights of the poor or middle class gun owners.