How to Tactfully Rid Yourself of Unwanted Guests

You want guests over for a limited period of time? Maybe you don’t want your guests to linger at all? Here are some tips for getting rid of unwanted visitors in a variety of situations.

Office Lurkers
Do you work in an office situation where lurkers tend to find your cubicle or workspace to be a great place to hang out? If you have to deal with co-workers coming around and staying around and you would rather they not spend so much time, the easiest way to manage this is by taking away their comfort. Place books, files, folders and other stuff on any surface that visitors use to park their butts. Most unwanted guests will only hang around for so long if they are forced to stand.

Household Pop-Ins

Some people tend to drop by with regularity. You know these type of people: they are always on their way somewhere and just wanted to pop in to say hello. Or they have something to discuss with you that should only take about ten minutes but there they are 45 minutes later still droning on. You want to get rid of these people? Think long term. As soon as you see them heading up the walkway, grab your keys and let them know you were just heading out for an errand. Three or four of these ships passing in the afternoon should be just enough for them to get the message without your having to resort to tactlessness.

Unexpected Visitor

The unexpected visitor is the bane of many people. Those pop-ins are easily enough handled because you know you are going to see them in a day or two, but what do you do with the unexpected guest you haven’t seen in weeks or months? You could do the keys thing, but you may actually want to see them. Just not for a couple of hours. The most tactful way to get the unexpected visitors who has overstayed the welcome to leave is to announce that you have plans for later that day and you must get started. But always do this with the suggestion for getting together later when at a more convenient time. This method indicates both that you want to hear more about what they have to say…but not at this particular moment in time.

Dinner Guests Overstaying The Evening
Ah, the dinner guest who just won’t leave. This situation is almost never entirely the fault of the sad sack guest who probably is just lonely and wants company. You have made it easy for this type of dinner guest to overstay the evening by being such a dang good host. When guests arrive, turn the conversation at some point early in the evening to what you need to do the next day and why you need to get a good rest. This plants the seed. About an hour before the time you really are hoping to have your house back to yourself, head to the kitchen and invite your guests to help you clean the dishes. Most will take this opportunity to announce that they too have plans that require leaving immediately. Those really lonely people will join you in cleaning up the mess others made, but this merely gives you the chance to bring the conversation back around to why you have to get to bed early.