Actor Reinvention: Alice Eve

Remember when you first saw the trailer for “Star Trek Into Darkness” and how you laughed and laughed at that fakey silent scream from the young blonde woman on the Enterprise? Then, a month or so later came a second trailer and that young blonde woman was still doing that fakey silent scream, but now she was featured in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in which she proudly seems to be offering her body to Captain Kirk clad only in bra and panties?

Suddenly, you weren’t laughing quite so hard, were you? Suddenly, seeing “Star Trek Into Darkness” became even more important than the brain damage you knew listening to two and a half hours of Robert Downey, Jr. confusing snarky attitude with acting in “Iron Man 3” was going to cause. Suddenly, you knew that the young blonde woman in the bra and panties had a name.

And it was Alice Eve.

You may have heard that Benedict Cumberbatch hired the very same trainer that transformed Tom Hardy into Bane to turn him into…John Harrison. Or Khan. Whichever. Well, it turns out that Cumberbatch was not the only cast member going to extremes to get in shape for their debut aboard the Starship Enterprise. Alice Eve went on a five month binge of eating little more than spinach in order to lose enough weight to strap on that bra and pull up those panties for what many fanboys will forever consider the money shot of the movie’s trailer. Let’s face it, when it comes to science fiction geeks, only one thing trumps futuristic technology and that’s a good old-fashioned babe in bra and panties.

Not being familiar at all with Alice Eve before the arrival of that trailer, I conducted a quick search for some images of the young actress and have yet to find one that reveals her being of an advanced enough weight to require such drastic measures. But then Hollywood is a completely different world. Only in Hollywood, it seems, would a woman with the physique that Alice Eve sported prior to getting the role in “Star Trek Into Darkness” feel the need to embark upon an odyssey of reinventing her body for the role by downing little more than spinach day after day in order to fit into matching bra and panties.

According to Eve, the real reason for the diet high in spinach and way low on fatty junk food had more to do with looking like she could handle herself in the physical confrontations that appear to have escaped unscathed in the otherwise evolutionary future. Maybe by the time the fictional Stardate of “Star Trek Into Darkness’ matches with our real life calendar, women who already possess perfectly normal bodies won’t feel the need to take such drastic measures in order to look “better.”