3 Nutritional Reasons to Eat Plums

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Red, juicy plums that have reached the perfect state of ripeness may well be the single most delicious fruit on the planet. For that matter, a perfect plum may indeed be the most delectable food that has ever existed in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, a plum that has not achieved perfection can be one of the most disappointing eating experiences of your life. Even a bad plum is still a great choice to add to your diet, however, and here are three reasons why.


As you may be aware, when plums shrink down they become prunes. Prunes are a terrifically effective laxative and can keep you regular when the plumbing has stopped up. Of course, you younger folk may not realize that plums and prunes are the exact same fruit. Today’s prunes are often sold as “dried plums” in order to remove the stench of unpleasant association with senior citizens that the exact same product has when packaged as prunes. You don’t need to wait for pruning to take place to fix your habit of constipation. Keep cool, hip and forever young by eating just average sized plum before pruning occurs and you can get around 5% of your RDA of fiber. In fact, for their size, you would be hard pressed to find more soluble fiber packed into a more delicious food item than a plum.


Don’t like bananas, but want to enjoy the pleasures of potassium? That very same small plum that provides 5% of your RDA of fiber can also introduce almost that big a percentage of potassium into your body. Keep a supply of plums within easy reach and the next time you get a muscle cramp in your leg, grab the juicy delectable and the result will not only flavor in your mouth, but relief of the charley horse transforming your muscle into pretzel. If you suffer problems associated with low blood sugar, eating a plum not only provides you with a sugary kick, but the potassium can potentially fend off associated symptoms like headaches and that overall feeling of weakness.


That enticing deep shade of reddish purple that makes some plums really stick out from the greens and oranges and yellows surrounding them in the produce section is the result of a pigment known as anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are proving to have tremendous antioxidant properties which can help fight against the cells known as free radicals that bring cancer down upon the body like the fires of angry gods. In addition to fighting cancer, the anthocyanins that give plums their aesthetic appeal may also serve as guardians against encroaching coronary problems. Adding plums to your diet won’t guarantee you live cancer free or don’t suffer a heart attack, but they will add a delicious new line of defense.