3 Nutritional Reasons to Eat Raspberries

On the late, lamented Nickelodeon cartoon “Hey Arnold” there is a bit of advice given to the titular character with the football-shaped head courtesy of his grandfather. “Never eat raspberries” Arnold’s grandfather tells him. The problem has to do with digestion. Getting raspberries to go through your interior plumbing without providing a reason for regret may be entirely up to your particularities and apparently Arnold’s grandfather has some less than smooth particularities because, in fact, raspberries are actually a boon to digestion in many cases.


Just one cup of fresh, raw raspberries supplies you with 32% of the dietary fiber you should be getting each and every day. So you can see that the problem experienced by Arnold’s grandfather may not be one that bugs you. Raspberries are delicious sugary treats and while the sugar may present a problem to some, that robust fiber content is nothing but good. The fiber content in raspberries should go a long way toward curing any constipation you may be suffering. High fiber diets also carry the potential to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body, making you less subject to coronary problems.

Vitamin C

You know that downing a glass of orange juice at breakfast every morning is a terrific way to get vitamin C, but what if you get tired of drinking of orange juice? Even worse: what if you just plain don’t like orange juice. Mix things up a little bit by making your own 100% fruit juice using raspberries and a blender. Or skip the juice and add a cup of raspberries to your pancakes, waffles or cereal. Anyway you take them, those raspberries in that cup provides more than half the vitamin C you should get in a day. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which offers protection against the onset of cancer by fighting against elements in the body known as free radical. Here’s something you may not have known about vitamin C: it has the ability to reduce some of the damage done to your cells by smoking cigarettes or exposing your skin to the sun. So take a cup of raspberries with you when you head to the beach.


Manganese is the leading mineral nutrient found in raspberries. Eating a cup of the little red guys can supply you with 41% of the manganese you should be getting and that’s a good thing because many Americans many not be approaching the recommended daily intake. Manganese assists vitamin C in the good fight against cancer-causing free radicals. Manganese is also vital to the metabolic system, which means that if you are not getting enough of this mineral, everything from your hormones to your connective tissue may not be operating at peak efficiency. Eat raspberries and you just may up the ante on how well literally every single part of your body works.