3 Nutritional Reasons to Eat Cod

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You head to a fast food restaurant and order yourself up a fish sandwich and chances are you are going to be served cod. Cod is a horrible, terribly, awful name for something to eat, but just as books should not be judged by their covers, fish should not be judged by their names. Cod may be a dumb name for a fish, but when it comes to nutrition, this rose has bloomed. Note: cod is not the kind of fish you want to turn into a sushi delight; a parasite that has the power to make your day go very bad must be cooked out of existence before healthy consumption.


A typical six ounce filet of cod supplies you with almost 100% of the selenium you need per day. Selenium may be a bit of a mystery mineral to most people. Certainly, selenium does have the cache of fame shared by iron or even potassium. More information about the necessity of selenium for ideal health is being discovered as more attention gets paid to its effects. As an antioxidant, selenium plays a part in beating back the ravages of cancer. Selenium also assists the body in absorbing vitamin E which contributes to maintaining vision by reducing the risks for developing cataracts and macular degeneration.


Ah, fish. Where would those who don’t eat red meat be without fish like cod? Hardcore vegetarians may have to down soybeans by the gross, but if you are not averse to eating meat that is not all read and bloody and once mooed and chewed its own cud, then you are in for a treat as you consume cod. That one little filet of this fish can supply you with more than 80% of the protein you should be getting every day. The benefits of protein are legion and just the protein alone should be enough to move you to eat cod. Not only is cod stuffed to its gills with protein, but its protein is of the highest quality. Protein is actually just a name given to a collection of amino acids and cod supplies you with a comprehensive collection of all the amino acids that make up protein. When you get enough of these amino acids, wonderful things begin to happen like stronger muscles, fingernails that are almost impossible to chip or break, a reduced risk for heart attack and advanced protection against allergic reactions.

Vitamin B6

A quarter of the vitamin B6 that you should be getting every day can arrive in the form of a filet of cod. One of the most useful health benefits of vitamin B6 may be its capacity for helping the production of serotonin. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for regulating mood. Eating cod could therefore possibly become a key toward beating the back the ravages of depression.