3 Ideas for Transforming Your Ceiling

No matter where you are as you are reading this—provide you are not outside—take a moment to look. Straight up. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Ceiling pretty boring? Look around the rest of the room in which you sit mulling over this article. Do the walls, floors, doors, windows and various other architectural elements of the room far outshine the decorative heights achieved by the ceiling? That could be, and most likely is, because many people don’t give much thought to making the ceiling pop. Slap a relatively bright color of paint on the ceiling and you think you’re done. This need not be. You can transform your ceiling into a work of artistic statement that actually makes the walls, windows, doors and floor become those architectural elements that pale in comparison.


You read enough of my articles on decorating ideas and you will probably get tired of hearing about two-tone color schemes. What can I say: when something works, it works. Two-tone colors schemes works on clothing, it works on classic cars and, yes, it will work on your ceiling. Yes, sure, you could just paint one half of the ceiling one color and the other half a contrasting color and that would be okay if you don’t have much time. But why not take it to the next level? Still easy, still inexpensive, but exponentially more artistic. Give things a flourish by going ahead and painting the entire ceiling one color. Then utilize the magic of painter’s tape and create geometric shapes in random patterns in which you paint a different color inside the tape. Take the idea of a two-tone ceiling to the next level up and actually decrease the difficulty by taping stencils of more complex shapes and painting within the lines.

Tin Ceiling

If you have more money to spend on transforming your ceiling into something that really makes the room go pop, then consider the elegance and artistry tin ceiling tiles. Tiles are available in a wide variety of metals that will you suit your own particular tastes. Tastes are up for grabs when it comes to the design as well. In fact, you can buy tin ceiling tiles in a vast array of individual sizes. When you add the metal, pattern and sizes all together, what is available is a wealth of customization and personalization that transform a ceiling into a room perfect for decorating to achieve everything from tasteful elegance to outrageous Steampunk.

Scrapbook Ceiling

Why bother with creating a scrapbook that you have to get out and open and squeeze in for everyone to see when you could make your ceiling into a scrapbook? Go to a hobby store or stationary store and just see how much money you could spend on scrapbooking material. Then think of ways you apply all that material to your ceiling. You can quite literally make your ceiling a kind of almost living testament to your life or your history or your favorite activities. Once people start to see how you have made the ceiling come alive by transforming it into a documentation of your life, you will be surprised at how many people start to copy your revolutionary lead.