3 Ideas for Transforming Your Garage

Looking for ways to transform you garage into something absolutely dazzling? It can be done. It helps to have money, but it helps even more to have the willingness to dive in and make it a DIY project. Not everybody has one or both or either and sometimes you have neither, but one thing everybody has is time. Take these garage transformation ideas as things to attack in the long run instead of a weekend project or even something that has to be finished next month. By the time you are finished—be it a week or a year—your garage will not look the same.

Picture Window

The thing about many garages is the dark and dank feeling they project. Whether you are using your garage as a mechanic’s Valhalla in which you also transform a junker into an amazing work of automotive art or whether your garage is simply there to hold all your stuff, you can make it into something new by taking out part of a wall and installing a large picture window. A huge picture window allows natural light to fill the garage and that is always a game changer. A picture window is also a natural link to transforming the garage into living quarters for grown children or a boarder. Consider planting a garden outside the window to make the view an integral part of the design. Sounds simple, but taking out a boring wall and turning the space into a room with a view can make a huge difference.

High Shelving

You really want to transform the feeling of a garage? Install oversized shelving about two feet from the garage ceiling. Then adorn these shelves with a variety of decorative plants. Preferably plants that don’t need a lot of water. Ah, what about sunlight? There’s the second key to this transformation. Install indirect lighting sources to provide the necessary supplemental lighting that plants need. The result is more transformative than you might imagine. In the first place, the oxygen provide by the plants will make the air in your garage healthier and less prone to mustiness. The indirect lighting will create fascinating shadows on the walls and ceiling that provides an aesthetic quality you won’t recognize.

Raise the Ceiling

A garage can be given a genuinely breathtaking transformation by raising the ceiling. You may have a garage with beams running beneath the actual ceiling that can be taken down entirely or partly, thus creating a higher ceiling. In other cases, more work may be required to raise the ceiling. Or maybe you have a ceiling over your garage that allows for extra storage space hidden from view. Remove that ceiling so that roof becomes the actual ceiling. The addition of room above can then be utilized for a number of reasons both utilitarian and aesthetic. A higher ceiling may give you the impetus to go for a full scale renovation of the garage space into actual living quarters like a spare bedroom or home office.