3 Ideas for Transforming a Basement

Transforming a basement can be a huge undertaking if you are planning on going the whole nine yards for renovation purposes. But interior decorating need not mean an overhaul. You can transform a basement in parts with an eye toward a longer term goal is more expansive. Or, if you are already past the renovation phase and just need to do a little to make things more aesthetically pleasing, then you can make a dramatic change in appearance with just one important decision.

Stamp Those Walls

The thing about renovating a basement is that you are still left with basement walls. And basement walls are not really built to look good. They are built to withstand moisture and keep the house from falling in upon itself. But once the renovation has taken place, you don’t have to be satisfied with the status remaining quite so quo. Stamping is an easy, inexpensive and potentially quite artistically satisfying way to decorate a basement. All you need is paint and the stamp with the design of your choice and the willingness to commit to a plan. A plan is very important when it comes to stamping. To get the best results and keep yourself from painting all over your hard work, buy yourself some cardboard replicas of your wall and sketch out how you want the stamping patterns to look. Also keep in mind that you don’t need to limit yourself to stamps you can buy in stores. Cutting a grapefruit in two makes for a fascinating stamp design. You can also make your own stamp designs by tracing a line of glue on a flat surface to create raised lines. Be creative. Think outside the interior decorating store.

Cork Flooring

Consider cork flooring for a basement renovation. There are two good reasons for this as a way to transform the basement. One, cork is especially resistant to moisture and one of the biggest problems with basements is the moisture situation. Two, cork flooring is now available in an exceptional variety of decorative styles that can be matched to any theme you maybe considering. But wait, it gets better. Basement floors are usually just concrete slabs, which are not exactly pleasant beneath the feet. Cork flooring transform hard concrete into something with a little give and take. Your feet will thank you.

Photo Ceramics

It takes some work to get to the basement. As a result, visitors usually have to be invited. The situation kind of makes everyone who comes to the house something of a vampire. You know: because vampires can’t enter a home unless invited. The point I’m making is that you can set aside a breathtaking sort of decorating idea for the basement so that only the lucky few you trust will get to make a commentary. Technology is available that can transfer any image to ceramic tiles. You can use these ceramic tiles to create images on walls, floors or even ceilings. The images can be as large or small as you like. This decorating idea can transform a basement from a dingy cellar to the favorite room in your house by those who visit.