3 Ideas for Transforming a Room with Stencils

You can transform a room through the use of painting in a quite artistically satisfying manner regardless of whether you can paint like Van Gogh or whether you paint like Van Johnson. Actually, I have no idea whether

Van Johnson could paint well or not, but I was stuck for a comparison. At any rate, you can do some incredibly decorative work with paint whether you possess a talent with the brush or not. How? A little thing that I like to call stenciling. A little thing that I and about 4.7 billion other people on the planet like to call stenciling.


One of the joys of stenciling to transform a room is that a little bit goes a long way. Bordering a room using a stencil is inexpensive, efficient, fun and dramatic. You can use paint with stencils to create a border around the top of the walls. Or around a doorway or windows. Or even by bordering around the perimeter of the floor. Just grab some paint and find the stencil design you want and instead of spending a long time making use of the decorative effect across the breadth of an entire surface, cut your time by well over half and leave with an equally dramatic effect.

Kids’ Room

Stencils are a great way to transform a child’s bedroom into an immersive learning experience. Buy some stencils of the alphabet and numbers to teach them to read and learn those numbers. Educational-based stencils are readily available on web sites devoted to teachers as well as local brick and mortar stores. If there is a particular thing you want your child to learn—a foreign language, the countries of the world or even just basic decent manners—few things can drill that into their sponge-like minds better than waking up to stenciled walls, ceilings and floors every single day.

Make Your Own Stencils

The single greatest way to transform any room in the house using stencils is to create your own. Yeah, sure, making stencils requires a bit more patience and creativity than going to the local interior decorating store (buy local!) and buying pre-fabricated massive manufactured stencils, but with patience comes deep personalization. And, frankly, making your own stencils is not that difficult. Just buy some cardboard and trace whatever design you want and then use an Exacto blade to precisely cut the openings. The transformative effect of customized panting stencils will blow your mind.