3 Ideas to Transform Your Garden

Got a garden you want to transform? Tired of just having pretty flowers or aromatic vines? Trees can make a garden look really nice, but surely by now you are well past nice. Do you want your garden to look nice or do you want it to look positively dramatic? Maybe you want your garden to replicate a little bit of your own soul. Or, at the very least, reflect your personality.

Imaginative Container Garden

Transform your garden into a genuine reflection of yourself by making it into container garden. Go to the local garden store or, and may God have mercy on your soul if you, the big Home Depot or Lowes, and you will there discover a multitude of containers in which plants can be grown. Problem is that those garden containers can in no way actually make a statement about you. On the other hand, your very first computer or an old guitar or your grandmother’s favorite lamp that her grandson broke while playing ball…well, all of these and practically anything else that says something about you can be turned into a container for a garden that has been transformed into a glyph capable of speaking to future generations about your very soul.

Trellis Garden

If your garden problems are related to a lack of space, then your transformation should include the purchase of a trellis. Or two. Or three. Not make use of vertical space is a problem associated with a variety of gardens. You are so buy spreading outward to take advantage of limited area that you forget that gardens can rise upward even with small plants. Rather than invest in another tree, invest in vines like wisteria, clematis or, if you must, ivy. Want to add a very dramatic effect to your garden’s transformation? Add a grapevine to the trellis. Not only can grapes add a splash of color (no pun intended) but they are useful as well. Eat and be merry.

Ornamental Grass

You would be amazed at the transformative effect that ornamental grass can have on a garden. Giant reed grass or tussock is an excellent addition to a garden suffering a bit as a result of being just ever so close to unpleasant smelling water. You add those ornamental grasses and suddenly everybody thinks you’re growing a bog garden. Mexican feather grass gives an almost creepy illusion of emptiness and solitude that becomes something truly spectacular with the addition of very old and not entirely complete pieces of ornamental decoration. Look into grasses like feather reed grass or palm sedge to create other unique transformations to your garden.