How to Put Erasers to Use in Creative Ways Around the House

Have any rubber erasers hanging around? If you do, you probably don’t have much use for them anymore. Do you even own a pencil at home anymore? Doesn’t matter because rubber erasers can be drafted into service to meet a number of needs you never considered before. Rubber erasers are not just for pencils. Not by a long shot.

Shaky Table

A table with uneven legs that shakes whenever you try to set something down on it is a natural for the eraser’s multiplicity of use. Careful measure and cut a piece of eraser to fit on the bottom of the offensive leg and then fix in place either with glue or a nail thin enough that it won’t split the rubber.

Unscuff Your Linoleum

Scuff marks left on vinyl flooring that refuse to come up with regular washing may be less resistant to the power of erasure. Trying cleaning away scuff marks in the same way that you remove mistakes left behind when writing with a pencil.

Decorative Stamp

Those with an artistic bent capable of carving a decorative design out of the rubber can put eraser to use as a way of prettying up the home. Once the design has been carved out, simply dip into paint and press against any surface. Erasers are a very useful way to literally stamp your own personality on your walls, floors, ceilings or furniture.

Sticky Price Tags

That unsightly and sticky residue left behind by a price tag inconveniently placed on a product you want to display can be ridiculously resistant to cleaning methods. All the elbow grease in the world may not be enough to remove sticky price tags if you are using a liquid solvent. But have you tried putting that elbow action to use with an eraser in your hand? A hard rubbing of sticky price tag residue may be far more effective than soap and water or even WD-40.

Pencil Erasers for Keyboard Dirt

The diminutive size of those erasers placed on the end of pencils are just the right size for cleaning off the dirt, grim and stickiness that accumulates on computer keyboards. Turn off the computer so you can attack the keys with vigor and rub away scuffs and other types of filth that keyboard keys attract.

Picture Frames

The addition of precisely cut and placed pieces of eraser on the bottom of a picture frame can serve two purposes. The added weight at the bottom of a frame will help push the top outward from the wall, thus protecting your walls from the long term effect of top of the frame pushing against it. The other benefit of this placement of erasers is affording greater ease in adjusting the frame so that it hangs straighter.

Pin Cushion

The rigid rubber of a quality eraser makes it ideal for sticking pins of all kinds. Whether you use needles for sewing, tacks for keeping things attached to the wall or pins to hold papers in place on a corkboard, an eraser useful for keeping your surplus in one place.

Piano Keyboards

Those big pink erasers with the slanted ends are perfectly suited for fitting in between the keys of a piano or musical keyboard. The diagonal cut of the ends of these erasers allow you full access to cleaning up the mess inevitably left behind from fingers that regularly tickle the ivories.