Alternative Uses for Potatoes Throughout the Home

If you were forced at gunpoint to come up with a use for potatoes that did not involve eating them, chances are most of you would eventually remember that old science fair for slackers favorite: the potato clock. Let’s hope that the gunman never decided that he won’t accept that answer on the basis of triteness, but if you should ever find yourself in a position where your life depends on knowing some alternative uses for potatoes, you are in luck. Actually, you are in luck even if that situation never arises, because at least some of these alternative uses for potatoes will certainly be useful everybody.

Hair Darkener

Yes, true, products that will darken your hair are easily purchased just down the road from most people, but if you want a cheaper means of darkening your hair that won’t more than a few days, consider the potato. Water in which a load of potatoes have boiled is all you need besides a comb. Dip the comb in the boiled potato water and run it through your hair. Blonde hair will be affected the most, but even dark brown hair can be made noticeably darker in this way.

Light Bulb Extractor

When a light bulb has broken off in the socket and unscrewing what remains presents a prickly problem, grab for the nearest potato. Cut a raw potato in half and jam one of those halves cut side down onto the jagged bits of light bulb glass. Turn the potato so that it begins to unscrew the bottom of the bulb from the socket.

Desalinate Your Meals

When you have accidentally added too much salt to big pot meals like chili, soup or stew, the most effective and efficient way to cut back on the salty taste is by cutting a potato into large chunks and tossing it into the mix. Give the potatoes about ten minutes to work their magic and then remove. The result will be less salty and the potato solution requires a lot less work than trying to balance out the oversalting by adding more ingredients, spices, or liquid.

Don’t Scratch That Itch!

Instead, cut open a potato and rub the exposed tuber on the affected skin. Potatoes are a natural alternative to anti-itching creams and lotions. As crazy it may seem, best results are actually achieved by lightly salting the potato before applying it to your itchy epidermis.

Shoe Polish

Does anybody even use shoe polish anymore? Well, if you still count yourself among the living who make the effort to shine your shoes, here’s one more reason to do away with polish. Rubbing shoes that are appropriate for polishing with a peeled otato is a surprisingly effect way to get back that shine that such shoes have lost.

Hot Compress

If you can over the ridiculous aspect you potentially present by holding a warm potato against your forehead, you can call a spud into action as a tool for better healthy. Any medical condition that calls for a warm compress against the head is ripe for utilizing the quality of potatoes to retain heat for long periods. A boiled potato can be sliced thin enough to fit comfortably inside a towel to be held against your forehead and keep you warmer for much longer than alternatives.

Paint Stamp

Cut open a raw potato and then carve any pattern into it that you would not mind using a decorative additions to your walls, floors or ceilings. With a little imagination, a touch of artistic talent and a solid potato, you can create entirely personalized and customized stamps for interior decorating. Just dip the potatoes into paint and stamp against the surface of your choice.

Skin Conditions

Rubbing potatoes on your skin may be effective in treating a variety of conditions ranging from warts to acne. The scientific community is not on this potato train in quite the same way as they back using tubers to tell time, but it may help and there is no evidence to suggest that rubbing raw potatoes on your skin will worsen blackheads or puffy areas around the eye.