Tips for First-Time Apartment Dwellers: How to Fit an Entire Life Into a Studio Apartment

Perhaps none of the many tips for apartment life that you may come across during your time living on top of other people will be as useful as insight from those who have gone before you and know how to comfortably fit an entire life into a studio apartment. The claustrophobic nature of the space makes these most affordable of apartments a make or break deal for some. It can be a tough nut to crack, but the tips of the trade of living large in a studio apartment is something that has been passed down since struggling cavemen found they couldn’t afford the big cavern on the left.

Dining Table

Think you can’t bother with a dining table in a studio apartment? Resigned to eating meals while sitting back on the Murphy bed or struggling vainly to fit a dish, bowl and glass on that tiny little thing they advertise as a desk? The thing you learn most quickly about studio apartment living is that everything must serve more than one purpose. You can enjoy sitting at a table while you eat just like the person in that one-bedroom unit across the way, however. As long as you invest in a dining table that can also answer the call of duty when you need a work desk or a storage unit or, well, pretty much anything else that isn’t a dinner table. Sure, you could just go with the folding poker table option. But when you fold up that table after every meal, it just becomes more unnecessary stuff taking up valuable space somewhere.

Room Dividers

Here’s a great tip for studio apartment dwellers. Room dividers are worth their weight in gold. And the value of gold doubles in price when the room divider inside your studio apartment can be accessed from either side. As long as the room divider can be accessed from both sides, price should not be your number one consideration. Whether see-through or double-sided, a room divider is incredibly useful both storing things and for instilling a sense of organization. If you do the work that is your job out of a studio apartment, one side of the divider could be your workspace and the other your personal space.

Nesting Tables

No studio apartment is ever quite complete without a set of nesting tables. You know what nesting tables are right? Nesting tables are those matching tables of increasingly smaller size that can be stacked one on top of the other when you don’t need them all. A set of three nesting tables of various heights can come in amazingly handy for a number of reasons that you may not even be considering right now. The magic of investing in at least one set of nesting tables is that you get multiple tables that only take up as much space as one.

Vertical Management

One of the tips for apartment life that the first time renter of a studio unit needs to learn is the art of vertical management. You need to reinvent your sense of spatial organization by escaping from the constraints of the horizontal norm. In other words, find ways to fully exploit every available of inch provided by the height of your walls instead of cursing their lack of width.