Ideas for Putting Citrus Rinds to Good Use

And you thought that you when you were done eating the citrus fruit, you could just throw away the rind and forget all about it. Silly old bear. In fact, it may just be possible that there are more uses for the rind and peel of citrus fruits than there are uses for the edible fruit itself. Take a read over these ideas for recycling the rinds of your favorite fruits and you just may think twice before casually throwing away the peeling.

Air Freshener

One of the reasons that citrus fruits are so popular in the first place is because of the enticing aroma they put out. Did you know that you can still get that fresh scent from the rind you left behind? Pack a few pieces of peeling from lemons, oranges or any other citrus fruit into a mesh bag and leave anywhere in the house where unpleasant odors run rampant.


An aromatic addition to the coziness of warming yourself by the fire during winter can be accomplished by tossing a few pieces of citrus rind into the fireplace. The sweet fragrance of citrus fruit lends the room a sense of the freshness of the great outdoors and also spices up the winter season with the promise of spring.

Citrus Bowls

Carve out the fruit from some other larger types of citrus fruits so you have created a bowl. Place this bowl into the freezer until it hardens and bring it back out when you want to serve up a fruit salad or ice cream or any other dish that would be suitably served inside a bowl made from citrus rinds.

Burnt Aluminum Cookware

Aluminum pots and pans that have become blackened or discolored can be effectively cleaned and returned at least somewhat to their prior shiny state with the use of citrus rinds. Fill the pots and pans with water and then add strips of citrus peeling and allow to come to a slow boil. This should take care of any material that has burnt onto the surface. Remaining discoloration may require bending your elbow with a Brillo pad in your hand.

Moth Deterrent

Cut up a few thin slices citrus rinds and allow them to dry in the sun. Place the dried peeling anywhere in the home subject to invasion by moths. Moths don’t seem to be particularly big fans of citrus so you get protection with the additional bonus of a much more pleasing smell than mothballs.


Another way to use citrus rinds that can be scooped out to form a bowl is as a planter. Plant seedlings into the citrus so that they can germinate before planting in the soil. Once the time has come for planting, dig a hole big enough for your bowl and plant the whole thing. The process of decay will allow your seeds to take advantage of the nutrients that the decomposing cirrus rinds will add to the soil.