Wild Stories of Raining Herring and Ducks

You’ve heard the expression “it’s raining cats and dogs” right? And you’ve probably also heard the odd story of frogs or unusual things falling from the sky. In my professional opinion: that ain’t right. Still, I’d rather step in a poodle than have been there when some of these confirmed and verified events took place.

Memphis, Tennessee, 1877. It was recorded in Scientific America that many witnesses actually did see a rain of snakes-real live wriggling snakes-fall from the sky over the southernmost part of the town. These snakes were said to be as long as a foot and a half. It has been theorized that the cause behind the unwelcome and sudden appearance of the serpents was a hurricane that had come ashore earlier.

Los Nietos, California, 1869. Of all the things you probably never want to see dropping from the sky above, what residents of this small town probably top the list. A nearby farmer reported that over the span of three minutes flesh and blood fell across the length of his two acre farm. Most of the flesh was incredibly small, but occasionally a long strip measuring up to six inches long could be found. Even more incredibly, this was not an entirely isolated event. Two months before, folks in Santa Clara has reported the exactly same thing.

Argyllshire, Scotland, 1821. Nothing like getting your dinner from the heavens. One day in this small Scottish village the residents were inundated with a shower of herring. The fish were reported as being excellent specimens of that type of fish and it is assumed that the cause could be traced to the strong wind that blows in from the direction of Loch Melfort. That particular Loch was one of only a handful of places where herring were regularly caught by surface fishermen.

Montgomery, Alabama, 1898. It was not exactly stars that fell on Alabama this time, but rather a substance that looked like a spiderweb but had a texture more similar to insulation. Whatever it was, sometimes it could be found in long slivery strands and sometimes it was discovered looking more like a snowflake. Adding to the mystery it that all of it was quite luminous, almost phosphorescent.

Wisconsin, 1881. Even before the spiderwebs fell over Montgomery, this mystery had been reported. The material this time was incredibly white and much stronger than the webs of Montgomery. Several towns around Green Bay reported this unusual material falling from the sky and the size ranged from mere specks to strands as long as 20 yards that seemed to unfurl up into the sky forever. Whatever it was, it apparently had originated over Lake Michigan and was carried inland by the wind. Several people complained that at times they were so thick that they made it difficult to keep your eyes open.

St. Mary’s City, Maryland, 1969. Amazingly, residents of this small town reported that hundreds of ducks fell to the ground on day in January. Not only had the ducks fallen, but they all quite badly injured. The injuries, however, were determined not to have been caused by the fall, but to have been suffered during their flight. It remains a mystery to this date what the actual cause of the suffering of the ducks was.