Looking for a Name for Your Band?

Before choosing any of these names for you band, it is suggested you do a thorough search to make sure the name hasn’t already been taken. While I performed a Google search before publishing, that shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee that the name is available.

Widespread Speculation

The Know-Nothings

Low Overhead

Kissing Booth

The Idiots

The Comic Book Guys

The Pretty Stupids

The Pretty Smarts

Lord Love a Duck

The Killler Tomatoes

Bush’s Brain

Exceptional Talent

We’re Not a Band

The Rockin’ Rollers

Hockey’s Not a Sport

Kill the Lawyers

Stabbed in the Back

Jack’s Rippers

The Best Boys

Seared Eyebrows


Delicious Opportunity

Boys will be Girls

Shaken Not Stirred

Opulent Lifestyle

Physical Wreck

Spy in the House of Love

Perfectly Cromulent

The Radishes

Delinquent Account

White Man Rap

Blue Boob Group

Hangin’ in the Guggenheim

The Personas

Lunchtime Crowd

Boys and Girls Together

Rotten to the Core

The Sabbatic Goat

The Rosicrucians

The Modern Mummies

The Frightening

Applesauce Spaghetti

Bald Beneath

Nudity Optional

Open for Repairs

Fluttering Paradox

Letter Writing Campaign

Bob’s Your Uncle

Existential Cowboys