Why the NRA Absolutely LOVES Mass Shootings

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, right? The logic is simple: restrict the right to legally purchase a gun and those who want them have to buy them illegally. OK.

Gun control won’t work because if someone who wants to kill wants it bad enough, they will still get their gun. The logic here is simple: because there are SO MANY guns in America floating around, it is ridiculously easy for anyone who is really determined to use it to kill to get a gun. This is already true, but with tougher gun control laws, it would be even more so precisely due to capitalism: supply and demand. The greater the demand for guns in the face of a reduced supply of legal guns will inevitably result in an increase of supply & demand for illegal guns. OK.


That is just a fact. Okay, maybe there have been one or two exceptions, but I can’t recall any. The point is that the general rule here is not what you would expect it to be. Someone planning mass murder at some level in their mind SHOULD be expected to buy weapons illegally in order to avoid a pre-cog paper trail that could stop them before the act. And yet..they DON’T. They walk into stores or go to gun shows or go online and use their names and credit cards and flagrantly show they do not need to act illegally in order to commit mass murder.

Why? Why would they take this chance? Why flirt with disaster like this if you REALLY REALLY want to kill as many as you can?

Because–and I know this going to shock you–but because you have been lied to by the NRA MACHINE. Quite clearly–beyond a doubt–IT IS NOT SO EASY TO GET A GUN ILLEGALLY IN AMERICA. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns REALLY means that only those who already operate on the outskirts of the legal system and know how to get an unlicensed gun illegally will own them The average person would not even know where to begin. If they did, don’t you think some of these average people would be stockpiling off the grid instead of using their freaking names and credit cards!

The NRA is not about the 2nd amendment or protecting hunters or keeping you safe from the FBI coming for your guns. the NRA is about making it HARD FOR YOU TO BUY GUNS ILLEGALLY. Because every gun that is bought illegally is less money in the hands of THE BUSINESS OF LEGALLY SELLING WEAPONS which is the REAL reason the NRA still exists and is as powerful. The NRA WANTS mass shooters to keep buying guns legally and, yes, keep using those legally purchased guns to keep setting records for mass shootings.

It keeps the organization in business.