Decorating Ideas Using Glass

Adding glass blocks to a room can have a definitely dramatic impact on the overall design of the room. An

especially cool thing to do when decorating with glass blocks is to make the wall curve around. When looking at glass block structures, it can be a little intimidating to think of making such a structure a DIY project. Relax. It’s not like there’s really anything that is permanent in American society anymore. Of course, if you are just totally all thumbs when it comes to interior design, you can always hire a professional. The result will be the same: instant cool courtesy of a glass block wall. You can also make creating a glass block wall that turns at a 90 degree angle easy on yourself by utilizing a special six-sided corner block. That’s one of the secrets that interior design contractors don’t want you to know about because it makes the fact that they can create perfect glass block corners seem out of reach for the average schlub.

Another way to design with glass is to consider stained glass panes. Stained glass does not have to mean representations of Biblical figures. You can special order stained glass to have the image of your desire imprinted upon it. Stained glass is colored through the addition of metal alloys. High quality stained glass is still handmade and will prove much more costly than the not-quite-so-high-quality of commercially produced stained glass. Among the decorative effects you can achieve with stained glass is the look of fracture panes and a window that constantly looks out upon a cloudy day.

You already know that a mirrored wall helps to create the illusion of the room being bigger than it is. Utilizing double reflection will help to make even the smallest of rooms—such as a bathroom—seem significantly larger. The key to mirroring the mirror is size. You don’t want wall-length mirrors that mirror each other. Instead, choose a wide horizontal mirror running up from the floor to about the midway point of one wall. On the opposite you can put up a narrow and longer mirror. The key is in making sure that the mirrors reflect each other into eternity. Another way of using mirrors as glass decoration is to place two mirrored walls so that they meet in the corner. This can create some truly spectacular visual effects when you decorate to take advantage of it.

Believe it or not, but there is also flooring made of glass that can be utilized in a residential setting. If you are building a home in the future, consider the dramatic effect of utilizing a glass floor. It is one decorating choice guaranteed to wow visitors.