`Masters of the Universe' Live Action Trilogy Made for $40,000

A “Masters of the Universe” live action trilogy made on a collective budget of $40,000? Sounds like the kind of crazy idea that creates a Hollywood legend. Or, looked at another way, sounds like the kind of crazy idea that creates one of the most laughable entities in Hollywood history. Whatever kind of crazy they are, you’ve got to hand to the folks over at KRD Media Group for their chutzpah if nothing else.

“The Wizard of Stone Mountain” and “Masters of the Universe: The Fountain of Life” are already in the can. Those of you in the Austin area may still be able to wrangle yourself a part as an extra in “Masters of the Universe: The Trials of Darksmoke.” Just keep in mind that with a budget of $10,000, you are not likely to get paid doing extra work.

Also keep in mind that this entire enterprise is a non-profit production. Cast and crew do what they do for love of their cartoon heroes and love of the movies. With that in mind, head over to the home page of the production and check out what has been done so far in the trilogy. Yes, these movies are amateurish and the acting is less that the best of DeNiro and Pacino, but in some cases the acting is at least as good as anything Pacino has done in the past thirty years. Frankly, I think the movies are at least as good as “Lords of the Rings.”

And while the low budget production cannot really bring to life the universe of He-Man, Skeletor and the rest, if you do some complicated math of the type well beyond my ken, you will arrive at a ratio of money spent to entertainment experienced that is right on par with any Michael Bay movie.

Back in those days a movie like “Masters of the Universe: The Fountain of Life” could actually have made it to movie theaters in some cities and drive-in theaters in more. Rogue film-making for the love of the movies is still alive and it should be supported wherever you can.

Then maybe we can get that “He-Man” musical idea I pitched earlier going.