"Delicate" Scooter Libby's: Dick Cheney's Boy Toy

Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby will forever be tied together due to Cheney and Libby orchestrating the revenge upon a U.S. diplomat who had the gall to tell the world the truth about WMDs in Iraq, and due to the fact that because it pleased Dick Cheney the President of the United State took the unprecedented step of commuting the sentence of a convicted felon without going through proper judicial channels. But the Dick and Scooter show goes back well before they planned the outing of Valere Plame. In fact, Dick and Scooter both had input into a paper that outlined exactly what took place in Iraq following 9/11. Here’s the kicker: That paper was written in 1992. Long before anyone other Karl Rove did anything other than snicker at the suggestion George W. Bush could actually be elected—or even appointed—President.

Following Bush the Elder’s own Gulf War and his decision not to send troops into Baghdad to topple Saddam Hussein—because he understood that to do so without a plan for what to do with Iraq afterwards was the ultimate insanity—Dick, Scooter, Brent Scowcroft and Paul Wolfowitz all got together and outlined a plan for American world domination. This paper was titled Defense Planning Guidance and was actually co-authored by Scooter Libby, the poor little dickless wonder whose delicate constitution just couldn’t take all that time in jail. Yes, when Scooter takes a dick up his ass, he prefers it to be the worm-sized variety connected to his boyfriend Dick Cheney instead of a prisoner nicknamed Goliath and not because he’s tall. Poor wittle Scooter just couldn’t bear the thought of being sodomized by someone who isn’t white and fat.

Yes, poor little delicate Scooter Libby co-wrote this paper that outlined what America’s foreign policy mission in the post-Cold War should look like. In between lathering up his rectum for a nightly visit from Dick Cheney, Scooter and his other butt buddy Paul Wolfowitz—yes, that same Paul Wolfowitz who arranged a cushy job for his bitch at the World Bank—took it upon themselves and their miniscule little brains to decide what American foreign policy should look like. Well, I certainly don’t need to tell you what was in that paper. America should be prepared to unilaterally invade any country that was deemed to threaten America’s global interests. While a coalition of support from other countries such as the first President Bush was able to put together was considered desirable, it was finally determined by those geniuses Libby and Wolfowitz to be less than necessary. In fact, if America’s unilateral decision to invade another county alienated us from the rest of the world, Wolfowitz and Libby said, that was simply the price of protecting out interests.

When this paper was originally leaked the press it was met with such horror that it was turned over to the Secretary of Defense at the time to be rewritten so that it wasn’t quite as controversial. It should give you an idea of the mindset of those who have been in charge of America’s foreign policy the last six and a half years that the person they put in charge of making what was essentially an outline for America to conduct itself under the same rules as Nazi Germany was none other than Dick Cheney.

And you thought poor, delicate little Scooter Libby was just another boy toy of Dick Cheney who enjoyed taking the Vice President’s dick up his ass. Turns out Scooter Libby was a prime architect in the sodomizing of America. Still think he was fairly punished?