What was the Davis Bend Experiment?

Do you know your America history? Yeah: Okay, then turn this mess off and write a 2,000 word essay on how the Davis Bend Experiment relates to massive collective fear among conservatives in America today. The Davis Bend Experiment took place on the heels of the end of the Civil War and Lincoln’s death when six plantations were seized by the Union Military. One of those plantations belonged to a guy named Jefferson Davis. You can see his image engraved onto the side of a huge rock near Atlanta. Oh yeah, he was also the leader of the Confederacy. If you ever needed a reason to wonder why the KKK is still powerful in Mississippi, just look to the Davis Bend Experiment. Land seized form superior white guys and handed over to freed black slaves! Hey, come on, whose idea was this? Oh yeah, the Republican Party. Go figure.

Over the next year these lands were further subdivided and the freed blacks were able to do something that their former owners had never been able to do in their lives: turn a profit without the help of slave labor. You can clearly see why Southern conservatives feared the redistribution of wealth back then: it made them look like idiots!

Well, the same holds true today. Rich white people just can’t stand having their ignorance pointed out by successful poor people of all colors who, as they are so fond of saying but not actually thinking, just need to get on with it. The experiment was to be short–lived. Less than two years later Pres. Andrew Johnson gave the land back to the treasonous slavemasters. Call it the Re–redistribution of wealth. Apparently only white guys who own black guys were allowed to get rich.

The Davis Bend Experiment may be a footnote in American history, but its legacy lives on. When one percent of the nation has more money than the other 99 percent combined, there is something decidedly wrong with NOT redistributing wealth. Does anyone actually think, for instance, that George Steinbrenner was 99 times more responsible for the success of his Yankees championship teams than guys with names like Munson, Jackson, Piniella and Jeter? Apparently so, since more people are opposed to Occupy Wall Street than support it. Or so the liberal press would have you believe, anyway, right? Liberal press. Yeah, and Michelle Bachman was even more overburdened with education than Sarah Palin.

The point being that the opposition to the idea of redistributing wealth really does have racist overtones to it. Not just with white fear of black freedom, but with white fear of Asian stoicism and Hispanic energy. Whites who are as poor as they are stupid continue to support those who look like them in numbers far greater than those who support those who struggle to live within the same means.