Alternative Choices for Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you!

The universe that George Lucas created way back yonder has many aspects that you may not necessarily consider when thinking about how to celebrate Star Wars Day. You do not necessarily have to celebrate that universe that Lucas created by going back and watching the movies you have already enjoyed over and over again one more time.

The Hidden Fortress

For instance, why not watch Akira Kurosawa’s Japanese film “The Hidden Fortress” instead of being annoyed by the constant whining of C-3PO. George Lucas has never made secret that “The Hidden Fortress” was a major inspiration to him when he was creating “Star Wars.” The main thing that you will take from “The Hidden Fortress” are the two supporting characters who play a part in the larger tale of the saving the life of a rather headstrong princess. One look at the way these two characters interact with each other and you will realize just exactly where C-3P0 and R2-D2 came from.

A Galaxy Far Away

Another way to celebrate International Star Wars Day is to catch the documentary “A Galaxy Far Away.” This is a loving tribute to the type of fan that waits all year to greet you by saying “May the fourth be with you.” Too many documentaries take aim at the geekiness of science fiction fans, but “A Galaxy Far Away” treats them with the respect they deserve. Even more entertaining is the way that it turns the table. The highlight of “A Galaxy Far Away” is the sequence in which it reveals Jimmy Kimmel to be the idiot he is as he tries to show how cool he is and has the smirk on his smug face slapped right off him. Every fan of “Star Wars” should enjoy the sight of Jimmy Kimmel being undone by science fiction “geeks.”

The Empire Strikes Back: RIFFTRAX

Many people view “The Empire Strikes Back” as the best entry in the Star Wars saga. As filmed, the sci-fi classic swings effortlessly back and forth between comic bits and adventure and the endlessly irritating appearances of C-3PO, who makes Jar Jar Binks seem as charming as Cary Grant. The funniest thing about watching “The Empire Strikes Back” as done by Rifftrax is the guest appearance of Chad Vader. You didn’t know Darth had a younger brother? Chad has issues, to say the least.