Pizza Hut: Bring Back the PRIAZZO!

Back in the 1980s Pizza Hut introduced what it called a Priazzo and changed the face of their pizza. Unfortunately, that was only to be temporary. The Priazzo was a fancy name for a literal pizza pie; it was a deep dish pizza with a crusty covering. Unlike Chicago-style Sicilian pizza, however, it was not 90% crust and 10% pizza. It was like eating a pizza pot pie. In short, it was the single greatest thing that Pizza Hut has ever served. Since then they’ve introduced such things as cheese-stuffed crust which does me no good at all since the cheese is my least favorite part of the pizza. Pizza Hut has over the years introduced other special menu items, but none has ever reached the heights of the Priazzo. I know it sounds like I’m talking about a simple pan pizza if you are not old enough to remember actually eating the Priazzo, but believe me, it was a unique animal unto itself.

If you do an internet search for Priazzo you will discover I am not alone. The Priazzo remains firmly lodged in the memories of all those like me enjoyed it. How much did I enjoy the Priazzo? If Pizza Hut were to bring it back exactly as it was during the 1980s, I’d never eat any other kind of pizza. And, on top of that, I’d even consider eating a Pizza Hut Priazzo two or three times a week. Would I get enormously fat? Hell, I’d probably be Donald Trump fat within a few weeks. But I would not care a whit. The Priazzo was, to put it simply, the single finest fast food item I have ever eaten.

What I am trying to say is this. Please, everyone who reads this, write in to Pizza Hut and beg or threaten them to bring back the Priazzo. If you remember it, you will understand why I am urging this. If you never tried it or are too young to remember the Priazzo, should Pizza Hut do the wonderful and bring it back, you would join me in my high praise. Okay, I know what you are thinking. You’ve seen my videos and you know that I’m not exactly ignorant inside the kitchen. If I can stuff portobello mushrooms with expensive proscuitto ham and get comments from people who don’t even like mushrooms telling me it looks delicious, why can’t I make a simple pizza pie?

Because I can’t, that’s why. I have tried. Oh lord, how I have tried. But it always winds up mushy and chewy. The Priazzo contained just enough ingredients and sauce to avoid being a chewy Chicago-style pizza like I said. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. So, please, I beg you, join me in contacting Pizza Hut and getting them to dip into the nostalgia craze for the 1980s. Get them to bring back the single greatest fast food item in history.

The Priazzo.