3 Nutritional Reasons to Eat Collard Greens

The way I grew up eating collard greens—and I grew up eating a lot of collard greens—they could hardly be called healthy food. You want to let them cook slowly and with a heaping helping of salt pork in them. If you don’t have salt pork, just toss in some bacon. Collard greens in their raw form are packed with nutrients and make for an excellent addition to any diet of those looking to lose weight. Don’t be scared off by the idea that collard greens are dirty and therefore unhealthy—you eat a lot dirtier stuff without even realizing it. Provided, of course, that you take the time necessary to clean collard greens before you set to work cooking them.

Vitamin A

One cup of collard greens that has been cooked via boiling and I cannot stress enough that this merely means cooked in water, not actually being brought to a boil—the longer you allow collard greens to cook the better they will taste—provides you with a whopping 308% of the vitamin A you are advised to consume in a day. Vitamin A is one of the stars of the world of vitamins, primarily because it helps with so much of the body’s needs. Vitamin A facilitates growth of all the tissue found within the body. One of the offshoots of how vitamin A helps with body tissue is through protection of mucous membranes which essentially means that the tissue can better fight off all the infections that the body is heir to.

Weight Loss

Provided you don’t go overboard on the unhealthy additions during the process of cooking collard greens, this vegetable is a fantastic choice for those looking to drop pounds. A cup of boiled collard greens adds just 50 calories to your diet. Yes, of course, if you add some bacon grease or cook the greens in salt pork, that caloric count goes up, but there is no law about how to prepare collard greens. Fresh greens boiled with some salt and pepper and then consumed after adding, say, Tabasco, remains a very low-cal food that is more delicious can you imagine. Adding to the party is the fact that of those calories in collard greens, less than 1% are derived from fat, so party heartily come dinner time because adding collard greens to your diet means dropping weight.


You will get about a fifth of all the fiber you need in a day by eating a cup of collard greens. A diet high in fiber helps make going to the bathroom a much quicker and smooth enterprise. Fiber also helps to lower your cholesterol and collard greens works double duty here by also providing no cholesterol to begin with.