3 Nutritional Reasons to Eat Breadfruit

Breadfruit just sounds not quite right. Is it bread? Is it fruit? Both? Neither? Just how did breadfruit gets is bizarrely inconclusive name? Well, that is a topic not fit for this article, although I will add the trivia that massive amounts of breadfruit was part of the cargo on a little ship called the Bounty when all that unpleasantness took place. Suffice to say that somewhere along the line someone thought it worthwhile to confuse the masses doing nothing more than looking for a route to beneficial nutrition. Whatever the impetus or origin, one thing is for sure: you can get some nutritional meat out of the activity eating breadfruit.

Vitamin C

One-fourth of a breadfruit, or slightly less than four ounces, packs nearly half the amount of vitamin C that you should are recommended to consume during the day. That’s a very robust amount for such a minute serving. The evidence gathered from scientific studies continues to point to the consistency of opinion that your risk for developing coronary disease rises in ratio to the reduced amount of vitamin C in your diet. In other words, if you aren’t getting enough vitamin C, then you may be setting the stage for a heart attack down the road. The jury is still not quite in on just how strong the link between is between low levels of vitamin C and increased risk for coronary disease, but when vitamin C has so many benefits to offer, the question really seems to be why wouldn’t you add breadfruit to your diet?


Potassium is one of the minerals in your body that gives some of the most significantly unquestioned clues as to a possible deficiency. Those severe muscle cramps that create visible lumps in your legs beneath the skin may well be due to a deficiency of potassium. The sensation of pins and needles on the soles of your feet when they fall asleep could be another sign that you need more potassium. Keep a record of when you get headaches or

feel fatigue and then compare that record against a similar journal when you start eating foods high in potassium to see if you notice a difference. Four ounces of breadfruit can supply you with around 15% of the potassium you need every day, so clearly this fruit is a good place to take off after the usual suspects like bananas.


The breadfruit that the denizens of the HMS Bounty were bringing back to the West Indies may have properties that protected the sailors and the natives alike whose skin was being constantly exposed to the damage of the rays of the sun. You can get 19% of your daily recommended amount of dietary fiber in that fourth of a piece of breadfruit. Fiber works within the digestive system to help regulate the amount of bile in the body. Too much concentrated bile means a buildup of toxins that can adversely affect the health of your entire layer of skin. So eating breadfruit is a way to keep your body’s largest organ both healthy looking and healthy feeling.