3 Tips for Growing Plums

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Plums. In a word they are my favorite fruit. When those juicy red and black plums hit the peak of ripeness every June, I spend more money on fruit than I do the entire rest of the year combined. Of course, I used to spend a lot more. But since investing in the wonderful world of plum trees (and you will need to this in plurality since a single plum tree just can’t cut it), I now have the option of simply plucking plums from on high in addition to waiting for the June haul. If you are a lover of plums and want to dip your toe into the world of growing plum trees, here are some of the most essential tips you can get.

Plant Plum Trees in a Clearing

There is a good reason why you don’t often find plum trees growing wild like you find other fruit-bearing trees out in the middle of nowhere. Plum trees that feature shallow roots are not exactly the tough kids hanging out in the neighborhood. In fact, you may tend to be frustrated by just how sensitive plum trees are to the vegetation growing around them. Those roots extending barely beneath the surface of the soil are subject to losing the competition for all those elements that roots need to thrive. As a result, you can improve the possibility for successful harvesting of plums by clearing out a small circle of land around the trees. Remove weeds, grass and any other nearby vegetation that presents competition for water, sunlight and nutrients.


About that needing more than one plum tree. If you try to raise just one plum tree, your treasure will arrive in the form of flowers. But don’t look for the fruit that makes it worthwhile. Unless you have been blessed with a busload of luck, anyway. Plums are highly dependent upon cross-pollination. For best results, you should buy two trees of the same plum species. Plant them in close proximity to each other. That should take care of any difficulties you may have experienced with a lack of fruit gained by investing in just one tree.


In the world of fruit trees, plums are the 11 year old boy who gets caught looking at dirty pictures. By which I mean, obviously, that plums bloom early. Sometimes a little too early to make raising plums the most fun job in the world of growing fruit. Anything you can do to protect your plums from a late frost is a good idea and, yes, I am talking exclusively about the fruit of trees. Keep those trees warm when it gets cold in the early spring. Or, even better, that clearing that you carve out for the plum trees? Remember the thing I was talking about up there? If you have access to a slope in your yard that faces to the north…all the better.