Karl Rove, I Love You: A Comedy to Be Enjoyed Seriously

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Comedy is a such a little word to describe such an expansive subject. Comedy can range from slapstick sights such as an overweight patrician matron slipping on a banana peel to an obscure joke of such arcane quality that one single person in a theater filled with people is heard laughing.

Then there is the singularly weird kind of comedy that defies description. What makes “Karl Rove, I Love You” so funny? That is a difficult question to which no lone can likely give an answer. A significant portion of America could watch this mockumentary and not laugh even once. But let’s allow the Tea Party crowd to enjoy their comedies that make fun of those on welfare, those opposed to spending billions to fight an unnecessary war and those who still have not taken the option of voluntary lobotomies.

Did you ever watch “Frasier”? Remember Bulldog, the relentlessly heterosexual chauvinist pig? Well, he was played by Dan Butler, one of the most outed of all outed gay actors in Hollywood. Butler plays a version of himself in “Karl Rove, I Love You” who decides to get out of a post-Broadway acting slump by putting on a one man show about that anti-intellectual mountain of mushy vengeance demon known as Karl Rove.

The humor inherent in this mockumentary goes beyond its subversion of expectations. Karl Rove is, after all, a pretty easy target. His bloated frame is dwarfed only by his bloated opinion of the sexual desirability of George W. Bush. Seriously, go read Rove’s own words about his memory of the first time he ever saw George W. Bush and try to pretend it doesn’t sound more like what you would expect to hear from Laura Bush. Creepy.

The matching of openly gay actor with a man who would describe another man in such terms should allow for a meeting of the minds that meets expectations, but Dan Butler and his fellow artists concoct an Act Two that will seriously freak you the hell out. It would destroy the loveliness with which this weirdly weird comedy is constructed to give away the left…or should I say right turn that the movie takes just when you think you know where it’s headed.

Do whatever it takes to get a look at this overlooked comedic gem. You will not be disappointed. Unless, that is, you think any Republican Presidential nominee and their hand-picked running mates are actually qualified to be President. In that case, most of the humor is likely to bypass you entirely.