Movies to Watch During National Golf Month in August

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August is National Golf Month. And you know what that means, right? Forgetting all about the horrific heat that comes during the Dog Days of summer and sitting in front of the widescreen to enjoy golf movies. Second hand golf is almost better than trodding across the links when the temperature outside you is actually hotter than the temperature inside you.


The king of all golf movies is a comedy film without which the celebration of National Golf Month during August would be a wasteful endeavor. Even those for whom the idea of chasing a dimpled ball around mostly white rich guys is absolute anathema can enjoy the spectacle of Noonan…Noonan!….NOONAN-augghhhh winning a death match. What doesn’t “Caddyshack” have? It’s got Chevy Chase actually being funny on the big screen, references to Biblical epics, the funniest cameo by a chocolate bar in movie history and Lacy Underall. Great, great stuff

Pat and Mike

National Golf Month needs to pay respect to the women of golf, right, and which actress is more respectable than four-time Oscar winner Katherine Hepburn? Well, for me, a whole lot, but that’s just me. “Pat and Mike” isn’t exactly a dramatization of the story of Babe Didrikson Zaharias. The good news is that Babe pops up in a cameo. The bad news is that the TV movie about Babe the real life husband and wife team of Alex Karras and Susan Clark is much more interesting from the perspective of enjoying the heat of August as the paradoxical best time of the year to celebrate National Golf Month.

Follow the Sun

A truly great biopic of golfing has yet to be made. Perhaps because, despite its omnipresence on television, golf just isn’t the most cinematic of sports. Perhaps because there hasn’t been a Jake LaMotta of golf. “Follow the Sun” purports to be a biopic of legendary Ben Hogan. Not as fictionalized as many other biopics, it still manages to be more authentic due to the plethora of real life golfers making cameos than the story of Ben Hogan. An enjoyable enough fictionalization of a real life story, however.

The Caddy

Do caddies lead more interesting lives than the golfers they serve? You might think so since the two most enjoyable movies about the sport to watch during National Golf Month are both more about the bag carriers than the athletes. “The Caddy” is a Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis comedy and your enjoyment will depend very much on how much you enjoy this duo. Stay tuned to the end for a metafictional encounter.