The Single Greatest TV Spin-Off Idea Ever!

Having now listened to every Simpsons episode commentary to date, I can declare with absolute affirmation that the single greatest idea for a TV spinoff has apparently been completely passed without notice by everyone in Hollywood. A “Barney Miller” type show that takes place completely within the Simpsons writer room as they deal with guest stars, frazzled animators, weekly boycotts and complaints, interference from the hard right wing network execs (this would be invented since Fox has always taken a shockingly hands-off approach) and lots and lots and lots of “Diner” type hilarious digressive dialogue.

Absolutely required characters:

Conan O’Brien and his general weirdness

Jon Schwartzwelder and his reclusive fascist tendencies

Tom Gammill and his bizarrre, left-field observations.

Half the shows could be nothing more than transcripts of the commentaries and it would still one of the funniest shows in the history of TV.