Ideas for Yard Gardens

Gardening ideas can run the gamut from very sophisticated formal affairs requiring high maintenance to a few containers set in place around the front porch. Your concept of what a garden is may need some shaking up. Rather than just settling for a few roses of vegetables in the backyard or a collection of bright annuals and perennials, think in terms of integrating vegetation and structure and theme to create a truly memorable area that works as more than just a place for growing plants.

Many gardens can only be enjoyed in the daytime, but there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the beauty of your labor even when the sun goes down. Spotlights and floodlights can be utilized for dramatic effect by on their positioning relative to your garden features. Don’t forget to add safety lighting that illuminates paths and walkways if your garden extends beyond one centralized area.

A functional garden area in the yard can be exploited to hold down your power bills. A staggered double row of evergreen trees and shrubs on the side of your house most subject to prevailing winds can not only enhance the variety of a garden populated by flowers, but also act as windbreak that will shield the house from the cold.

Once you have those lights in place for enjoying the garden at night, you might want to focus the contents of that garden on plants that actually wait until dark to either bloom or reach their peak of releasing their fragrance. You don’t even have to look far to find plants suitable for this purpose. Several plants that may already be part of your garden plan can be introduced for nighttime enjoyment including magnolia trees, many varieties of cacti, gladiolus, iris and daylilies.

Rocks are an artistically useful addition to a garden by providing the opportunity to arrange the garden both vertically and horizontally. Proper placement of rocks will create gaps and crevices inside which can be grown spreading plants that creep out over the flatter areas of the stones. Adorn rock edges with plants that trail or creep over the precipice like sedum.

A yard equipped with a sunny location on a level area of land is perfect for the introduction of a water feature into your garden. Best results will be obtained by locating pond in a section of the yard that receives anywhere from six to eight hours of direct sunlight during the day. One very important element to take into consideration when you decide to integrate this idea into your overall garden plan is to make sure the site has good drainage and is not situated in a low lying area where runoff can easily flow into and contaminate the pond.