How to Clean Mystery Stains

What do you do when you have to clean a stain from your clothing, but you don’t know exactly what substance or material caused the stain? Stride confidently into the mysterious world of mysterious mysteries and indulge yourself in the process of necessity for cleaning out stains caused by who knows what.

Cleaning a stain that cause of which remains unknown begins with a set of general rules that can be applied to most problems such as this. Soak the garment in cold water before you apply any type of cleaner. Grab yourself an old toothbrush or, if you are in the midst of a war with your spouse or sibling, the toothbrush of another. Rub the toothbrush over the now moistened stain. If that doesn’t solve the problem of removing the dirty substance, move on to the next step.

Step number 2 in removing a mystery stain from clothing is sponging it. This will be an especially useful tool if the toothbrush trick has only succeeded in spreading the stain. Which, truth be told, it may well do. Sink SpongeBob PantsStainRemove into warm water and daub at the stain. If a sponge doesn’t help remove the mystery stain, it’s time to read the directions on the tag if the clothing in question has directions. Just keep in mind that those directions may not necessarily apply to the stain you are attempting to clean because you don’t know what caused the stain. The main thing to look for on the clothing tag is whether or not bleach is okay for use in the cleaning process. If the tag specifically denies usage of bleach, this is no time to be a rebel. Conform to the tag. Let the tag work for you.

If the mystery stain is small, make yourself a paste of powdery detergent mixed with water. You want to get a consistency roughly equal to the brain matter inside a skinhead’s skull. Dip your sponge into the paste and apply to the stain. Allow the stained garment to sit for at least 30 minutes and, if the stain is particularly nasty, overnight. Whether you wait the half hour or the 12 hours, pick up the stained piece of clothing and place it in the laundry with the water set at the hottest setting allowed courtesy of that tag’s instructions. Use some more detergent and, if necessary, that special bleach intended for colored fabrics. Just read the directions on the bottle of color-bleach to determine the proper amount. If the stain is still noticeable after running it through the washing machine, send it through again using the same materials and water temperature.

Check the stain and if it has pretty much disappeared, place inside your dryer at the proper setting for the fabric material according to the instructions on the tag.

A large stain the source of which remains a mystery is to soak the entire article of clothing in warm water. Add half a cup of enzymatic cleaning detergent to the water. After a suitable period, place into the washing machine using the same enzyme detergent and the proper amount of color bleach according to the tag. Wash in the warmest water recommended by the clothing instructions and repeat if the stain remains after the initial cycle. Take out and tumble dry.

For future reference, keep aware of all stains that show up your clothing or the clothing of other household members.