Adding a Spiral Staircase to Your Home

Adding a spiral staircase to your house instantly adds a certain kind of style. The circular staircase carries with a higher degree of design fashion than a traditional staircase. Another great thing about a circular staircase is that it takes up far less space than a traditional stairway. The diameter of a circular staircase is typically between four and five feet, which allows it to be placed just about anywhere inside the home.

You can get a spiral staircase kit that includes framing materials as well as instructions on how to construct the stairs so that you can maintain the structural integrity of both the floor and ceiling. The options included in these kits range from the material that will be used—metals and woods—to a selection of decorative balusters and railings. When it comes to wood, you can choose from just about any type of wood normally used in construction: oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut and others. The metal staircase options include color coatings and the opportunity to use hot-dipped galvanized metals.

A key to successfully integrating a spiral staircase into your home is deciding on location. You need to make sure that there is adequate climbing room at the bottom and headspace at the top. To cut down on the reinforcement that is needed, situate your spiral staircase near a corner. The installation itself will require accurate and precise measurements for cutting and framing. This cutting is going to include the ceiling, so you need to make sure that your chosen location isn’t going to present any problems with opening a hole in your ceiling.

While spiral staircase kits do make the job of installation easier, keep in mind that this is not a DIY job for the beginner. You can cut down on costs by doing some of the work yourself, but you probably want to leave the cutting and reinforcement elements to a professional contractor. Unless you have at least a little experience in the field of structural carpentry, you should at least get some help from an experienced associate if you don’t want to shell out the money for a pro.

Another element of introducing a spiral staircase into your home design is making sure that your staircase meets all applicable building codes. It will behoove you to make sure that a spiral staircase will meet the requirements of the code before you invest in the materials and supplies. As with all construction work, safety is an important issue. Safety concerns are especially important during the installation process when the holes that need to be cut are available as potential dangers. Make sure that the holes are properly covered to prevent accidental falls that could lead to serious injuries.