How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from the Air

The odor of smoke is one of the worst in the world for those who do not smoke. Compounding the problem is that smoke creates an aroma that lingers longer than Great Aunt Frieda when she comes to visit every summer. Those who cannot stop themselves and will not be stopped by others from lighting up their cigarettes and cigars cause problems that can last for a lifetime. The odor of cigarette smoke worms its way into rugs, furniture, drapes and lungs. The smoke itself gets onto your television screen, drinking glasses and computers screen. It is possible, of course, to deal with the specific problems of cigarette smoke and its vulgar odor making a home for itself so deeply within the fibers of your carpet or lungs that it will never be removed. But why deal with a problem after the fact?

Would it not be better to get rid of cigarette smoke before it can stain your drapes and swirl into your hair and sink into the very foundation of your home? Retrieving and removing the stench created by those who won’t abide by your wishes that they remove themselves from the room when lighting up a cigarette can be done. Removing the odor created by cigarette smoke can even be done immediately if you know how. And you, comrade, are about to learn how.

If you want to get rid of the actual smoke as well as the aroma created by cigarettes either while a person is being a butthead or shortly after committing the social crime, all you need is water and towel. While the smoke is still is curling toward the ceiling, go into the kitchen and soak the towel under water in the sink. Remove the towel and wring dry. If it helps, you can pretend that the towel is the smoker’s neck. Make sure the towel is very well wrung and then head back toward the offensive room. Grasp the towel by one end and let it open up at the other. Spin the towel around the area where you see the smoke. Watch in shock and awe as the towel actually collects the smoke and removes it from the room. The best thing to do at this point is to wrap the towel around the smoker’s face since they love the odor of tobacco so very much. The next best thing is to stick the towel into the washing machine or place it outside.