Movies about Cheating in College Basketball

March Madness is all about the competitive spirit of collegiate basketball. Every once in a while a Cinderella team makes it all the way to the Great Eight. The chances of that slipperless team advancing to the Final Four are greatly increased if the team cheats. That doesn’t happen much in college basketball in the real world, but cheating in college basketball has in one way or another made it into a number of movies over the years.

The Basketball Fix

The widespread move toward streaming public domain movies to your television via distribution channels like Pub-D-Hub and the Movie Vault gives you the instant opportunity to watch “The Basketball Fix.” This is a pretty straightforward drama that is revealing in the ways that point shaving in college basketball has been a problem in the past. Few movies have ever been as cynical and on target in its critique of the relationship between college and big money as “The Basketball Fix.” Watch this movie after your favorite team gets kicked out of its bracket and you are already depressed.

The Absent-Minded Professor

Okay, so many no actual written rule prohibits players from using Flubber to improve their jumping ability. The use of this invention by “The Absent Minded Professor” is still cheating. March Madness can use a bit of levity and whimsy and while cheating in the game of college basketball is still very much an element at play in the film, it is hardly the dark view offered by “The Basketball Fix.” If you have never seen the original “The Absent Minded Professor” and you have kids, you need to correct this situation. Flubber can actually be a funny thing. Something that you would never know if you only watched the awful Robin Williams remake.

The Gambler

A movie about cheating in college basketball that is even darker than “The Basketball Fix” is “The Gambler.” Maybe because James Caan was fighting a coke addition at the time, he turns in a feverish performance that is not quite like anything else he ever did. The role is that of a brilliant college professor with a very dark secret: he has a major gambling problem. And what better way for a college professor to come up with a way to make money to pay off mounting gambling debts than by talking a student into shaving points? Don’t worry, though. Caan’s character learns more than you may want to see about what it means to be a scummy human being.