Five Things to Know about the Penis

Men are more obsessed with the penis than women. At least, that’s what the experts tell us. Everybody from Kinsey to Dr. Ruth has tried their level best to convince men that sexuality is not limited to that relatively small tube of meat located at roughly the halfway point of the body. Men and women, but especially men, need a refresher course in how to make the penis more vital and gain more control over one of its most essential functions.

Help Your Penis Along By Cutting Away the Fat

Fatty foods aren’t just bad for the heart. The penis is a victim of a diet high in fat just as much as the heart. Keep in mind that the penis becomes erect as a result of blood flow. Clogged arteries in the penis means a lack of rigidity and size. If you want to make sure that you can get your penis as hard as you’d like, quit with Big Macs and the French fries. Reports indicate the average American male has eaten a diet high enough in fat to significantly reduce the ability to achieve rigidity anywhere near the level they want by age 30.

Place a No Smoking Sign on Your Penis

The penis…he no like the tobacco. If you still haven’t caught on to the fact that the tobacco industry is just plain evil then consider that every single inhalation of a cigarette makes it that much harder to get…well, you know. Smoking is just as bad as a high fat diet when it comes to making sure your penis gets as hard as you’d like. Keep in mind that plaque forms as a result of nicotine and the more plaque that builds up in the blood leading to your penis, the less likely you are to reveal a truly admirable statue down there just when you need it.

Chromium for the Penis

Chromium provides a very important service when it comes to the penis. Chromium can help keep your blood sugar level stable. The importance of the ability of chromium to keep blood sugar levels in a safe place means reducing the odds of developing adult diabetes. One of the symptoms of adult diabetes can be an adverse effect on the penis. Chromium supplements are widely available, but you can also get a goodly amount naturally by substituting broccoli and bran for those French fries.

Prescription Medications May be Responsible for Penis Problems

Any time you get a new prescription, read the accompanying literature closely. Many medications have a side effect of affecting libido or performance. Antidepressants are especially likely to interfere with the ability of the penis to harden. If you begin noticing that the penis is not becoming quite as excitable as it used to, immediately assume that a new prescription is the culprit. Once you’ve checked it out and established that the medicine isn’t the problem, you can move on.

Hula Hoop…by Wham-o!

If you really want to gain more control over how long you can make that penis last without involuntary explosion, head down to Toys Were Us and invest in a Hula Hoop. Becoming a master at whirling the Hula Hoop around and around your waist will actually result in increasing the efficiency of blood circulation through the area. Increased efficiency in blood circulation provides you with greater control over what your penis is doing when engaged in some very, very fun activities.