How to Safely Deal with a Toaster’s Interior

A toaster can be potentially be one of the most dangerous appliances in the house. This is because though it appears to be one of the least complicated appliances, it is actually not a simple device at all. A toaster contains an array of individual parts that are all dependent on other elements. For this reason one should be very careful when attempting to look inside a toaster.

Unplug the power cord from the wall. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws from the front and back of the device. These parts are called the feet. Lift the front foot and the crumb tray. Use tweezers or the screwdriver tip to work slide the leads of the power cord from the terminals which will then allow you to remove the fear foot.

Always make sure you have unplugged the toaster from the wall outlet before doing anything having to do with the interior.

Pray apart the strain relief fitting from its place on the rear foot. This strain is just a simple little tie that fits over the power cord. You can slide the sleeves from the power cords leads an d the remove the cord.

Pull the knobs from the from lifting lever and the lever that controls the darkness/lightness of the toast. There will be a screw holding this lever in place which you should remove. At this point remove the lever extension.

Mark the chassis so that you will be able to remember the positioning for reassembly. Pull the toaster’s side panels away; this will release the shell. Each panels will need to be lifted away in this same manner. At this point you will be able to examine the inside of the toaster safely and completely. Reassemble by following these steps in reverse.