Alternative Treatments for Constipation

Alternative cures for constipation exist in the universe of everyday products that can be less stressful than over the counter conventional medical approaches. If you find yourself binded to the point of sitting on the toilet long enough to finish reading an entire act of a Shakespeare play, you should consider these alternative methods of getting your plumbing in working condition again.

Folic acid sometimes comes across as a miracle drug because it has proven to be so helpful in dealing with a number of medical problems. Constipation can be added to the list of medical issues that folic acid addresses. Several medical studies have concluded that the addition of folic acid to the diet can improve the tendency toward constipation, especially among women. Folic acid supplements should become a daily part of your routine if your routine regularly includes problems with constipation.

Another alternative medical treatment for constipation is honey. Honey actually is a miracle drug and those who are not taking advantage of its many medical advantages are putting themselves at an unnecessary and profound disadvantage. An ancient Egyptian physician named Maimonides prescribed a solution of warm water and honey to be taken in the morning for three to five days to treat problems related to the inability to pass stool. More recent research has convinced modern day patients that the ancient Egyptian was really onto something. Drinking a beverage sweetened with pure honey usually results in a speedier bowel movement than trying things without the assistance of honey. And, let’s face it, have you ever seen a constipated bee?

Relaxation of the anal sphincter can go a long way toward relieving the discomfort of chronic constipation. The term anal is applied to those who are highly stressed and uncomfortably uptight. Once they get into the bathroom, that uptight personality gets expressed in the inability to properly relax the sphincter and thereby facilitate the passage of feces through the bowel and out of the bottom and into the toilet bowl. One method for helping people with this problem to learn how to actively relax the sphincter is biofeedback. After just a handful of biofeedback sessions, you should be able to more readily relax yourself back there and quit allowing your uptight personality to control the arrive of constipation.

Some sufferers of constipation can be helped by increasing their ingestion of iron. A simple multivitamin that contains iron or a dedicated iron supplement may help loosen up the problem and send the results swimming more freely down the channel.

If you can stand it, an increase in spicy foods can help you deal with the problem of constipation. In this case, spicy foods refers to actual spices rather than to merely hot food. Look to foods like rhubarb, persimmons and orange peels to help you with your constipation.

Those looking for an herbal answer to the problem of constipation should look no further than psyllium seed. This herb is useful in the fight against being backed up thanks to the presence of mucilage, which is a fiber that expands as it absorbs water. You will find this herbal ingredient as a vital component in over the counter constipation products like Metamucil.