Foods to Improve Your Sex Life

Anyone who has ever watched the Albert Finney version of Tom Jones can tell you that food plays an important role in sexuality. You may be surprised to find out just how large a role food can play in increasing a man’s virility. The association between sex and food is just one more reason for men to learn how to cook.


Ginger has a tremendous effect on a man and a woman’s sexuality. The very smell of ginger is enough to increase the flow of blood to those areas of the body that most need help when it comes to enjoying a sexual experience. The blood vessels open up as a result of the scent of ginger to the point that a veritable tsunami of the red stuff goes straight to the area of a man’s body that most needs the inflation of tissue as a result of the extra blood flow. Once the blood has inflated the erectile tissue, the vessels then put up a roadblock to keep the blood firmly in place in your erogenous zone.


Men who want to last a little longer during lovemaking than they normally are capable of doing should indulge in a diet of bananas previous to the session. Bananas are chock full of B vitamins that assist in the conversion of carbs into energy. Bananas also may play a part in manufacturing testosterone. All of this chemical interplay means that you can increase your lovemaking endurance simply by eating a few bananas beforehand.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an excellent choice to help your body make that transition from not caring too much about sex to wanting it almost desperately. Consumption of chocolate assists in releasing endorphins which can cut down on the stress that may be blocking your desire for enjoyment of amour.


If you have an aversion to celery or vegetables of all types, it is time to get over it. Celery eaten raw provides a boost of androstene, which is a male hormone routinely used by steroidal athletes to boost their masculinity. With good reason too, as the androstene you get by consuming celery can also work as a pheromone. In other words, if you eat celery, you will be more likely to attract the attention of females on the prowl. Guess what else celery can do. It can work its wonders on women, too. Getting you both in the mood when the pressures of daily life as someone not lucky enough to have been born into a rich family can be accomplished by setting out a plate of raw celery that you both munch on. Before you know it, you’ll both be sitting there naked and eating celery.