Creative Room Divider Ideas

The person who love the open space afford by a loft design may eventually reach the point where divisions of space saves their sanity. If you don’t have a loft, but you do have a large open space you want to carve into smaller sections, you’ve got some alternatives to building a wall.

Sandblasted Glass Screens

If you need to make sure that all points of the divided rooms receive light, consider the addition of either a sliding or fixed screen fitted with sandblasted glass. This allows stark lighting to be diffused to create a warmer, more comforting style of illumination. Another cool thing about screens are that they offer interesting shadow formations that a random quality to your overall design.

Glass Blocks

You can build a wall of glass blocks to divide a larger living area. You probably don’t want to build an entire floor to ceiling wall, but if you do, consider adding a pass-through window into the design. You could even construct a glass block wall with a few small open areas to provide it with a more decorative design.

Translucent Screens

Dividing a room with translucent screens helps to maintain the connective tissue of the area by virtue of the translucence. Translucent screens are probably more effectively utilized to screen off several small sections like a gaming area, reading area and TV area. Huge translucent screens to accomplish the same tactic as sandblasted glass screens are not really an ideal way to do about your interior design.

CD Curtain

You could go the old hippy route of dividing a large space by hanging up a bead curtain. Of course, this the 21st Century we’re talking about so your curtain should reflect the changes in society that have occurred over the last half-century or so. Make a curtain divider not of beads, but by stringing together a collection of compact disks. Head to a yard sale or flea market and buy up a host of CDs that you would never listen to and string them down a piece of twine. This room divider idea is not just artistic, it lends an ever-changing glittering effect to the interior of your home.


A tall armoire can be introduced into a single room situation to create two sections. The part of the armoire that faces the sleeping area can be the section with doors, drawers and cubby holes to keep your attire. Decorate the other side of the armoire by painting or using decoupage to transform it into a statement of art.