Cheap Ways to Begin a Bathroom Decoration Makeover

Updating the bathroom can be as simple as updating the hardware that is found in the room with a toilet, sink, tub and shower. If you can’t yet afford a new tub or wall tile or installation of rubber flooring, you can still give your bathroom a makeover. And what is better than an affordable makeover? The key is to change the little things that you maybe think nobody notices, but do.

Consider the towel bar. It’s a simple rod held in place with a wall anchors over which you drape towels. Kind of boring, right? Oh, yeah! A couple of different ways of spicing up the towel bar are available. One, you can buy a bright, shiny new metal towel bar. Another way to go is to buy a decorative bases into which the towel bar is inserted. You can build an entire bathroom around the décor that is subtly proposed on the end cap of the towel bar. Yet another idea is to install towel bars of wickedly weird shapes, like an “S.”

The bathroom light wall plate is another tiny little element that you can improve upon. Get rid of that boring old Anne Hathaway white or Barack Obama brown wall plate and replace it with something whimsical or offbeat. Consider installing a wooden wall plate, for instance, or one that features pop culture heroes like Ralph Wiggum.

You can also lend your bathroom décor a little postmodern pop by matching your toothbrush and cup holder with your shower curtain. Pop artist master Roy Lichtenstein’s massive comic book artworks have been available in shower curtain form for quite some time. Match up Lichtenstein’s comic book scenes on the shower curtain with a comic book theme in your toothbrush and cup holder. The kids will love it. You can go any direction you want, but investing in a shower curtain that complements the spit cup can be the beginning of a major makeover when you get the lettuce to pay for it.

Toilet paper holders have gone artistic as well as shower curtains. Do away with the longtime argument of over or under when it comes to toilet paper by investing in what could easily pass as a piece of metal sculpture, but is in reality a vertical toilet paper holder.

Take a look around your bathroom and look for little things that can be replaced now while in the grip of the Bush Recession. Starting with little changes in décor now will lead you to a full scale renovation when regulation of Big Business is once again turned to as a means of cleaning up the mess left behind by deregulation. Change things like soap dishes, faucets and shower heads before planning on a whirlpool tub or a bidet.