Ideas for Decorating Office Doors

Decorating a door in a theme gives you the opportunity to put your own customized personal stamp. A door can somewhat oddly be viewed as a window into your soul. Decorating your door in a certain style affords the chance to display your interests or a peek into your psyche.

If you are a teacher, you should consider painting your door with that blackboard paint. Install a little shelf on which you keep the chalk itself. A chalkboard door is more than just useful; it provides the utility of leaving messages behind. Add a trim border of apples or the ABC’

The door to a study can be painted in faux leather to provide that sumptuous effect of leathery goodness found in upscale studies. Create a trompe l’oeil effect by painting a cabinet with a cigar box, a snifter of snooty brandy and one of those green table lamps perched upon it.

Make your office door a tribute to Pop Art and a piece of Pop Art at the same time. Emblazon the door with one of Roy Lichtenstein’s oversized comic strips or Andy Warhol’s soup cans. Or just paint geometric shapes in Day-Glo colors.

Dedicate your door to your favorite city. Put up wallpaper or murals or paintings that reflect the city of your choice: the Empire State Building for New York, the Golden Gate Bridge for San Francisco or Wrigley Field for Chicago.

Golfers should consider making their office door a tribute to their favorite pastime. Artificial turf can be attached to the wall and you can paint a hole and flag. Glue some actual golf balls and be sure to give your ball the closest lie.

Science fiction fans can decorate a door in a number of strikingly vivid ways. One way is to go the chalkboard paint route on at least some of the door and use chalk to provide scientific figures like atoms or E=MC squared. Another way to go is with a mural of outer space on which you glue a variety of UFOs. Grab one of those alien masks and place it on the door. Replace the standard doorknob with an X-shaped knob to honor Mulder and Scully. Or you could just get Fox Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster and plaster is across your door.

Hire an artist unless you have the talent yourself to create a replica of your office in a trompe l’oeil portrait on your door. Those opening the door to an office that looks exactly like the office are guarantee to stop dead in their tracks the first time they enter.