Ideas for Using Built-In Bookshelves

Consider yourself lucky if your home already features a built-in bookcase. The construction of a built-in bookcase is not really that complex, however. One positive aspect of building your own built-in bookcase is that you can decide where it goes and how big it is. Not all of these bookcases are the same; some built-in bookcase can be tailored to meet very specific needs.

You may already have a built-in bookcase and not even know it. Take the door off a linen closet with a shallow depth and line up your books inside. If the books are valuable, this is a good place to store them by keeping the door and installing a lock.

If you can remove the shelving in your bookcase and you are more of a magazine person than a book person, take the shelves out. Install slanting shelves on which you can place magazines that show off the cover and aren’t in danger of falling over. If you can’t stand flipping through a collection of magazines, this built-in bookcase idea present an effective and efficient alternative.

A situation where you are going to be installing a built-in bookcase means taking careful note of style available. A traditionally decorate room would accept a wooden bookcase with no jarring or clashing of styles. Decorating the room in a more modern style calls for a bookcase of brushed steel or even hard plastic.

Keep in mind that not all bookcases by definition have to climb the length of the wall. You can cut out a small opening to insert a built-in bookshelf that is situated in such a way that you don’t have to stand on tiptoe nor bend over to retrieve a book.

Along the same lines of the eye-level bookcase is the idea for creating not just one built-in bookcase, but a series of them. Place smaller bookcases into various parts of the wall in various room. Create a theme such as bathroom reading books for the bathroom, novels for the front room, health and fitness books for your exercise room. Place one of your assortment of bookcases at nearly floor level to allow younger kids to take advantage of the space. When the kids grow up, replace the children’s books with those that you hardly ever look through.

Locate your library so that you never, ever have to bend down or reach high for a book. Unfortunately, only those homes with a staircase can take on this built-in bookcase idea. Install the book cases in a staggered way so that you can walk or down the stairs and pluck out any book at waist-level.