Let’s Talk About Zac Efron and Ted Bundy

Let me tell you a little about the Netflix Ted Bundy movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

1) It is the ONLY Bundy movie based on verifiable facts. Any Bundy movie showing an actual murder is NOT based on verifiable fact.
2) MOST of the dialogue comes from judicial records and that includes private conversations which exist as witness recollection.
3) Bundy WAS freaking charming! You don’t kill that many people by looking like a monster.
4) Bite mark evidence has since been proven crap.
5) Zac Efron is being punished for the unjust criticism; the man delivered the single most chillingly accurate portrayal of Ted Bundy yet to be captured on film. Yeah, no one is more shocked than I am to see me praising the acting of Zac Efron to the skies, but damn it, give credit where freaking credit is due. He nails it. He is brilliant!
6) I can say all this with authority because I have a two-inch thick file on Bundy I started collecting when I was in high school and he was captured about a half mile from where I grew up and I watched the trial on TV every night it was on and I thought then and I still think now that the state failed to prove their case. I’m not saying he didn’t do it; I’m saying the state attorneys were beyond incompetent and the evidence simply wasn’t there. Never mind that the bite mark evidence is now considered science fiction, consider Bundy’s MO for YEARS across multiple states and compare it to the Chi Omega killings. From purely a prosecutorial perspective where serial killers are supposed to be so predictable that all their FBI profiles are basically the same….the divergence doesn’t add up between how he killed in every single other circumstance and how the Chi Omega murders were carried out. (Again: logically speaking, not factually speaking.)

Sorry, but this has been building up for months and I needed to get it off my chest. Don’t pile crap on a movie because they happened to get it right and you don’t like the truth. You can make all the movies you want where Bundy is a monster through and through, but it simply doesn’t make sense. You NEED a Zac Efron to capture Bundy. You think all those girls are go off alone with a guy that looks like Steve Buscemi?

Efron’s turn as Ted Bundy just impressed even more on a second viewing. I still can’t quite believe just how much HE nailed it! To what degree did he nail it? There is a lengthy scene at the end of the movie when Liz comes to visit Bundy in prison just before his execution. She confronts him with a photo from the crime scene of one of the Seattle murders; a gruesome sight of a headless corpse. This is something I never in a million years imagined I’d be writing about Zac Efron. Not that I considered him a terrible actor or anything, just nothing very special. Certainly nothing of the quality that would move me to make an assertion/confession like I am about to commit to for as long as the internet exists. In regard to the entirety of that scene, from the moment Liz sits down and picks up the phone to talk to Bundy who sits behind glass:

It is as a fine a piece of acting as you will ever see in your life.