Movies Appropriate for Watching on I Love Lucy Day, October 15

Do you love Lucy? From its legacy, you would assume that millions if not billions did or do. Frankly, I’ve never met anyone who actually loved “I Love Lucy.” Nevertheless, October 15 is I Love Lucy Day. The day for I Love Lucy Day was chosen because that was the date back in 1951 when the sitcom premiered and launched a previously little-celebrated actress into the realm of legend. If you are like most people I know, you won’t be choosing to observe I Love Lucy Day by actually watching the show. You can still get in on the act by watching these movies that show for love Lucy. Just not that particularly Lucy for whom the unofficial holiday was created.

Race For Your LIfe, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown’s football-holding nemesis is not a Lucy that we all love in the same way, but of us do probably hold a certain fondness for her. I Love Lucy Day can celebrate your love of hating Lucy for the mean way she treats Charlie Brown and pretty much everybody else but Schroder. Or you could observe I Love Lucy Day by celebrating Lucy Van Pelt as an icon of female empowerment. “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown” is one of the animated Peanuts features that gives Lucy a little more screen time than the rest.


Look closely and don’t blink or else you will miss the cameo by Lucy Lawless in “Spider-Man.” You would actually be better served by binge viewing on “Xena” episodes, but if you are pressed for time, then fire up the original Tobey Maguire big screen origin story of Spider-Man and keep a sharp eye peeled for Lucy Lawless as a punk rock fan of the burgeoning superman.

Wendy and Lucy

In this particular movie appropriate for watching on I Love Lucy Day, the Lucy in the title is a dog. Lucy is owned and loved by Wendy and the film is a quiet little tale of what can happen to a life when faced with the possibility of losing the thing we love. “Wendy and Lucy” does not feature the dramatics of “Spider-Man” nor the quirky humor of “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown” but neither does it contain a single scene of a redheaded woman engaging in silly slapstick antics or crying out for Ricky. So, you know, right there is something to love about spending time with “Wendy and Lucy” instead of Ricky and Lucy.