Did John Lennon Predict the Fall of the Berlin Wall from Beyond the Grave?

John Lennon drew the ire of many religious conservatives when he sang of imagining a world without religion and during his campaign for peace and understanding. Very few people would be willing to call John Lennon a psychic or to imbue him with the talents of foretelling the future in light of current events where peace and understanding seem like nothing so much as a bad joke. But a curious and little known episode in the history of paranormal investigations has convinced some that the former Beatle was a visionary in more than just the figurative and musical sense.

Of course, John Lennon died in 1980 at the hands of a small time loser who took advantage of America’s ridiculously easy system of buying guns. Because pretty much anyone in America can get a gun any time they want, this loser-who shall remain nameless-removed from the world a man who was a thousand times his better. With the exception of unreleased recordings, that even appeared to quiet John Lennon’s voice. But not according to self-described psychic Bill Tenuto. Starting in 1985, according to Tenuto, John Lennon returned from the grave to record a series of startlingly correct predictions about the future. Tenuto claimed to have these recordings with Lennon’s voice quite easily identified. Not only was Lennon making predictions, but he even went so far as to say that the events he was predicting were being shaped by a kind of heavenly council, a brotherhood that included not only himself, but–are you ready–John Wayne. What were these future forecastings?

Again, according to Tenuto, John Lennon in the mid-1980s began discussing how the world situation would experience a monumental shift by the end the decade. This heavenly council was interested in making the world a better place and looked to create an earth where if people decided they didn’t want wars anymore, they could choose peace. Sometime around 1989 or 1990, Lennon promised, enormous upheavals would take place that would make this choice easier to turn into reality.

Now, the paranormal community is like any other community, filled with factions that split and disagree and fight. Not everyone who believes in UFOs also believes in ghosts, and not everyone who believes in communication with the dead believes in every story. The idea that not only was John Lennon speaking from the dead, and that not only was his communication being recorded on tape, but that he was predicting future events in which he would play a part was just too much for many to believe. On the other hand, Tenuto did find his supporters. Of course, to a point, it really doesn’t matter whether Tenuto really did record John Lennon or not. The fact remains that according to several witnesses who heard the tape in the mid-80s-witnesses who say the voice was at worst a very good imitation of John Lennon-the words spoken did foretell of a coming upheaval in world history to take place in 1989 or 1990.

So somebody-whether it was John Lennon or just a very good impersonator-was at least as lucky in plucking a year out of the air as Nostradamus. Because, lest it be forgotten, 1989-1990 stands as perhaps the single most revolutionary and newsworthy period of the twentieth century, witnessing the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain and, very nearly, Communist China.


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